I am a follower of Christ JESUS, and will lead people to JESUS!

Are you a leader or a follower?

That prompt question can be answered at the same by leader and follower by saying you are a Christian who is devoted to JESUS.

For me , the only man to walk the face of the earth for me to follow is JESUS. I am humble enough to know there is none greater than JESUS!

This is an older song, but it is still true.

But as JESUS’S humble servant , I can lead others to JESUS through faith. I can say how wonderful our savior is whether one will believe that when I say that no one can get into heaven without JESUS.

Being with a person who is in need of compassion ,and just to have a shoulder to lean on, I will pray with them and for them when they give permission. When they do give permission, it is leading them to JESUS for the help they need.

I wouldn’t force a prayer if they don’t want it. 😔

Being a believer, I suppose, is like being both!🙂

Peace and blessings ❤️

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