Favorite treats to eat!

25 pounds of turkey frying!

I have got the desire to cook good food from my beloved Grandmother as a child So on my own I have researched into making foods others ways as well. I like eating foods from other cultures too. But you know living in america,,, there is so much diversity going on in the kitchens its all good,

Deep fried turkey.

Yummy! Deep fried turkey in the making! Oh wow, that skin is so crispy good. I can not even describe it for you all. It was that good. If good gooks had halos over their heads because they made people happy, he earned one that day. Just like my Grandma. He is a cool person to work with.

Click on the link for the cooking instructions and enjoy your Thanksgiving turkey! Thank our GOD for all that HE has done, will do and is doing for you and your loved ones!





2 thoughts on “Favorite treats to eat!

  1. Deep fried turkey!

    The top picture is a whole 20 pound turkey being deep fried in peanut oil.

    It didnt take more than an half of an hour to fry this bird. Two where done, and they feed 40 people conservatively speaking.No left overs where left but the bone!

    The recipes calls for seasoning the bird with some spices over night.

    Worth the trouble, the texture and taste that comes from the bird is uninque and very tasty.


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