Voting. Which is the lesser of 2 evils to choose?

Do you vote in political elections?

I look into how or if a candidate is a true believer as best as I can figure it out with GOD helping me to understand.

Only GOD knows the heart of all mankind. People will tell an untruth for power and money. So, this makes the choice even more serious when adding political issues.

What else can you do except pray? Yes, you can read up on the policies of each candidate. Look to see if they are morally correct on social issues. See if they have a criminal record or if a child molester.😯😯😯

No one is perfect. We all are sinners. But there are those who don’t care about whatever they do to get power. And do not care about the consequences that it will bring.

That would mean others could be pushed into situations they did not ask for, such as higher taxes to pay.😡

I do vote. But I do so with prayer. That will help to make a good choice. And if GOD willing, the right one will win.

May the best man or woman win

Peace and blessings ❤️

Following GOD’S moral code.

The moral code of GOD is written in the Bible.

What gives you direction in life?

What is right. How do we know what is right or wrong? Where do we find the answers for it.

Our Creator has given us HIS written word we call the Bible. To me, it’s like an instruction book on life to avoid snares set by the devil that will lead mankind to the same fate as the devil.

At first, the devil finds was to distract you from faith in GOD and reading GODS WORD. In the Bible, there are situations that have happened to people who decided not to listen to GOD. They made that choice to do exactly what the devil has done that kicked him out of heaven.

So, being devilish, they were not moral. They were immoral. They then suffered the consequences. They want to do what they want. But they really didn’t do all they wanted. They did what the devil wanted by falling into that temptation he suggested.

What you think is good really isn’t.

Read GOD’S word for yourself in a nice quiet place and pray over everything. Don’t go by your own understanding. When you pray, listen, too. Those two go together. Then, you will understand the moral codes better .

Peace and blessings ❤️

Do unto others as how you want others to treat you.

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

When you think about this and apply it in life, things can be less stressful. I say this because you reap what you sow . This is not 100% in some cases when a person will not be nice even for sake of peace.

But when you start off, try your best in your mind and heart to be good. That you will have a JESUS heart in the first place beginning your day. It is a righteous start before GOD.

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Joy and a smile are contagious. Someone’s day can be made joyful with a kind smile and a hello. Then they will do the same, too! They will share that good feeling back with you, too.

A mean and negative act or talk to someone can sour their day, and that could spread too. Which would fall back to the one who started it.

Having the joy of the LORD in you, you want to share it because it is a good feeling that makes you happy, too. All you are doing is sharing this joy.

Peace and blessings ❤️