JESUS is the perfect positive impact for me.

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

When I was growing up in school, there were one or two bullies in class that would annoy me at times. Persistent unhappy kids who didn’t have any true friends.

I tell you, when they locked into a person, it was like they were on a mission to be a nuisance. Until they would meet someone who did not back down and defend themselves. Then, their had mission failed.

I saw what our beloved JESUS went through as a man here on earth was horrible. Far way more horrible than bullying. JESUS was not respected as HE was spreading the word of GOD. Some people did listen to JESUS, but then there were those who didn’t.

They mocked JESUS. They spit on HIM, lied about and to HIM, hated HIM, sought to kill HIM, beat HIM too. And maybe even way more than was mentioned in the Bible. 😔

JESUS was and is no wimp. HE was and is strong!

Then I see what I and all other Christians I know personally go through daily. It is nothing compared to what our beloved JESUS had gone through to save our souls.

Knowing all this has helped me to stay strong and keep me focused on GOD and HIS SON JESUS.

JESUS prayed and never turned away FATHER GOD! Even when HE was on the cross wounded and abused. HE stayed righteous and diligent until HE went back home to be with GOD.


JESUS went through nonsense from mankind with such perfect patience. And still having love and compassion, too, like HE did for one of the thieves who was on a cross right next to HIM, too!


I don’t have enough words in my heart to tell you all how much our beloved savior has made such a positive impact on my life. I thank GOD for JESUS every day 🙏🏾.

Peace and blessings ❤️