GOD is not a simple joy for me, but relaxing in a pool on a hot day is!πŸ˜ƒ

Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.

Not my pool. Mine is a small above ground pool we love. πŸ˜„

I am happy to say that I have more than one thing that gives me joy. GOD is first. Then, all of the countung all of the blessings that HE gives is pure joy. Like this:

1. Going to Walmart and finding a pretty jacket in my size that was on clearance for half price. THEN, at checkout, it was even marked down half again! Making it almost 1/4 th the original price!

2. Finding out you paid a bill ahead of time and making you ahead in your bills with breathing room.

3. Having a holiday and day off from work and then getting caught up with things at home that needed to get done. When you work all week you don’t have time to do certain chores.

Just sitting with your feet in your pool. Having quiet time to yourself. Enjoying the weather on a June Sunday afternoon 😎.

I will say there are many more blessings we have in life from GOD that when we sit down to think about it, it is a simple to do joy!

Peace and blessings ❀️

Prayer and a Jamocha.

How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

GOD’S word is calming. ❀️

For me to unwind from a hard days work in the office or a hard day of fun in the garden, I need some peace and quiet. Working outside is therapeutic, but it is physical. And that produces sweat.

So after a few hours of digging, shifting and pulling wheel barrels about. The need to relax is real. You see your accomplishments of the and feel good about it.

After working on the garden. If I eat a small salad, I can have an Arby’s Jamocha!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ. Then relax with some Bible time.

Life is too short. You need to just relax and enjoy it without hurting anyone or yourself .having a high calorie treat once inawhile is okay. Having it every day is a no-no.

Our baby Mammoth Sunflowers!

The combo of enjoying your garden, the nice weather, and scripture is what does it for me with my sweetheart ❀️

Bible study

Finding peace and unwinding in our Bible study.

Cabbage and kale. Dinner is in their future.

Peace and blessings ❀️

Based on faith and trust in GOD. This is the value of my prayerful friends.

What quality do you value most in a friend?

The common bond between good friends is JESUS!

What I value most in my friends is when they will drop what they are doing and pray with me when I need it. And of course I will do the same.

There is a bond being with prayerful people. You share the body of Christ JESUS. You have the same peaceful spirit. You love each other as how you love yourself. ❀️

Therefore, you trust each other. Because you both will put GOD first in all you do. With that mindset, putting GOD first, you are living and listening to the wisdom that GOD is giving you to do.

That is the basis of a good relationship, be it a friend, family, or spouse. GOD, the FATHER, GOD, the son, and the HOLY Ghost is your guide!

Being on one accord, like minded in agreement to one purpose in life. To be in heaven with the Creator GOD the FATHER, HIS son JESUS, and the HOLY Ghost!

Peace and blessings ❀️

Being a messenger of GODS word and faith is the best job ever!

What jobs have you had?

Pastor David Lynn, founder of #Christforgiveness Miniseries in Canada. He’s a warrior for GOD’S word. We admire him for the work he is doing!β€β€πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎβ€β€

Being a messenger of GODS word is not easy. When you want to save people from the lies they are told from the devil and his workers, it is hard

People who love sin take it as a personal attack of meanness towards them. Even if you say to them as sweetly and calmly as how JESUS would say. “Go and sin no more.”

Those who feel the sin is part of them like a leg. It will feel like an attack on their leg. Safe, too.

Anf to remain calm when people yell or cuss as how JESUS had fone is awesome. To be a street preacher is hard for you feel no one is listening. Even if you use #tictok #Instagram , #Facebook, or #YouTube as your pulpit. You may feel no one is listening. But there is.

To this unknown street preacher shown and to the other preacher who came before him some months before, stay blessed. Hope to see you again!πŸ™‚

Doing this blog for my FATHER GOD is rewarding when you know people are reading it and are encouraged. Because you have gained another sister or brother in the body of Christ who you will meet in heaven when it is time!πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Stay blessed people πŸ™πŸΎ and keep your faith, and stay in prayer. Stay in contact with our beloved FATHER GOD and HIS SON JESUS at all times!

Peace and blessings ❀️

I am religious, and I trust in GOD!

Do you practice religion?

When the question was stated as practice, I feel it is more faith than “practice.” I have heard that practice makes perfect. In the case of faith and religion, no man or woman can be perfect. This is why we all need JESUS for HE is our perfect savior!

One needs to have a communication with THE HOLY TRINITY. GOD, the FATHER GOD. JESUS the don of GOD FATHER, and the HOLY Spirit.

For me, I would say I do my humanly BEST to obey GOD’S commandments. For if you do believe in GOD, you know there is a heaven.

If you know there is a heaven, you know there is a hell. And you know GOD didn’t create hell for mankind. He’ll was made for satan and the rest of the fallen angels for starting the great war in heaven that he lost, taking 1/3 of the angels who listened to Satan.

Anyone who listens to this satan chooses on their own to join satan and all of the fallen a angel’s in hell. GOD doesn’t send people to hell. People choose to go to hell on their own.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

With my faith, I will tell others of the joy it brings me when it is the right timing and they are willing to listen.

I would not want to see even my worst enemy go to hell. This way , by telling people about salvation, they can make the choice to repent and be saved.

If a person doesn’t know about salvation and righteousness, how can they choose that from unrighteousness?

Peace and blessings ❀️

Life before the internet.

Do you remember life before the internet?

“Vintage” Bible study technique! Picking up the hard, beautiful copy of GOD’S word.

Geepers. What a question for today in 2023. It’s like, do you remember life before television!πŸ˜„ That would be the same answer for the internet. πŸ˜‰

January 1, 1983Β is considered the official birthday of the Internet. Prior to this, the various computer networks did not have a standard way to communicate with each other. A new communications protocol was established called Transfer Control Protocol/Internetwork Protocol (TCP/IP).

And that was 40 years ago. So before we even had a computer to know anything about the internet we were outside enjoying outside activities.

But on cold days we read books. The Bible was read in hard copy. No looking up verses thru your phone. You hand know your Bible in hard copy to know where to look for certain scripture for certain topics. Like in the movie “The Book of Eli” with Denzel Washington.

You needed to know from the Old Testament and the New Testaments. So that you would know what you were talking about was exactly. Like your computer or phone does now.😯

Reading and touching the pages of GODS word is way far better than a computer or your phone!

Even though carrying your phone with you to look up the Bible, for deep study and understanding, you can use the phone as a concordance or Bible dictionary.

So before the World Wide Web, there were books. And books probably on how to make computers and the “WWW”. πŸ˜„

Peace and blessings ❀️

One of my GOD given talents is art.

What are you good at?

I think GOD has given us mankind talents. Because GOD is the creator of all creation, we have the ability to create too. πŸ™‚

And it may not be just one thing, it could be a talent you learn like sewing, cooking, building things or being able to give people comfort as you touch their hearts when they are in need of compassion.

I do like to draw, though. I got the interest for it from my beloved aunt, who was an artist. She was a very good artist too. I would sit next to her and watch how she held the pencil and drew on paper. How she prepared the canvas she was going to draw on. She painted it white with a base coat and drew the idea out on that canvas when it was dry .

Then, she began to color it with oil based artist 🎨 paint. Mixing it on an artist palet to get the right hues. I tell you, it was cool watching her make those beautiful paintings.

So now it’s my turn. I even have had my artwork displayed in the local Art Galleries here in Upstate NY.

FASST artists display in Binghamton, NY. Yes, this one picture is a bit blurry. I want to be the only one to profit from my artwork. These new phones of today can have ones work stolen and printed out in minutes. πŸ˜’

This drawing was done for an art contest. People had to vote it in for a winner.

I do enjoy drawing. And I draw what comes to me. I want to and do draw religious tracts. Anything to help spread GODS word πŸ™πŸΎ respectfully. I thank GOD for the gift HE has given me.

Now I see my children doing artwork too. A good thing is passed down to the next generation again through GOD’S grace!

Peace and blessings ❀️

Counting your blessings.

What does “having it all” mean to you? Is it attainable?

You may have it all and not even realize it. It is a matter of taking the time yo see them.

Some may just want more than what they need. Living in opulence and greed. And still want more while worrying how to keep what they have.

If I were to say if having it all would mean if I were happy, healthy, have my loved ones, a home, things we needed or wanted, we could afford, that would be yes. We have it all through CHRIST JESUS and the sacrifice HE gave on the cross to save the souls of all mankind!

It is attainable to have it all through GOD’S blessings!

We have it all through CHRIST because JESUS gave HIS all on the cross to save our souls from death in hell. And it is the choice of mankind to accept JESUS to have it all.

Praise and glory be to GOD for all eternity!

Peace and blessings ❀️

Hey Ma, how are you doing?

Who would you like to talk to soon?

When I call my Mother, it is always “Hey Ma , how are you doing?”

I always look up to my Mother still to this day. She is so cool. She has kept her Christian values firm even in the movie industry. And we all know that the entertainment industry is even worse now in our day!

She wasn’t famous like anyone you may know. But to me, she is. She is my Mommy ❀️❀️❀️

Well dressed, poised, well spoken GODLY woman from then in this extra part in one of the movies she was in to all scenes she has done. I am very proud and honored to have a blessed woman like her.

My Mother is a praying woman. When you put GOD before fame and fortune, you win. Always. Back then, she told me how women she knew who would comprise their standards to get ahead. And they would get a part or two but would wind up having to start over. And then not get as far as my Mother had.

I love my Mother. I respect her and honor. I enjoy talking to her, too. Even when we get to heaven and are with the LORD GOD, we will enjoy being there to praise our GOD together ❀️. With all of our loved ones who crossed over before us. Family and friends ❀️

I will calling you Ma tonight! Love you!

Peace and blessings ❀️

The cross of JESUS.

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

The fact that JESUS is the son of the one and only true living GOD means a lot to me. To be so loved by the one and only true living GOD, to send HIS only son to this fallen world, is beyond my understanding of the amount or level of GOD’S love.

Not just for me but for all mankind.

JESUS made the ultimate sacrifice by giving HIS life on the cross. And that type of death is beyond painful for is a slow death designed by unsaved souls.

The cross to me represents what JESUS went through. Along with JESUS obeying and trusting our FATHER GOD to the end when JESUS said it is done.

My beloved Grandmother was a GODLY woman who had a large 3ft wooden cross with a bronze JESUS nailed on it. I was always fascinated by it and how it was designed. As a child, it made me think about JESUS as being so strong. To tolerate such cruelty from humans that HE came to save!

Since then, I have always wanted to have a cross of my own. To show my respect for what JESUS has done for all of us mankind. I still show my faith in GOD and HIS SON JESUS as I still wear the cross.

And I still have my Grandmother’s that was handed down to me.❀️❀️❀️

Peace and blessings ❀️