To be able to pray or say grace over a meal openly .

What does freedom mean to you?

Praying in a public place. Picture is from:

Hello everyone,

For those of us who openly say grace at our mealtime at work, or in public silently to our GOD and our savior, JESUS 🙏🏾 is our business.

Some people stop what they are doing at their own table in a restaurant to watch us pray over our food. At work, one person came over and tapped me on the shoulder asking..

“Are you alright?” As she was steady tapping me on my shoulder.

I had my head bowed down. Hands clasped in prayer. And I had to stop my prayer for the moment so this woman would let me be. Looking at the expression on her face, it was more like she was annoyed than concerned.

“I am fine , I was saying grace over my food” She then looked perplexed, and said

“Well, I haven’t seen people say grace like that! I thought you were sick, and I wanted to make sure you were okay.” She then turned and walked away angry.

I could even feel the negativity coming towards me as I was praying. (With my eyes closed). This was someone who was not saved and was used by the devil to stop me from praying.

I went back to saying my grace in spite of her doings. Be it if she was truly concerned or not. She has left me alone ever since then, but glaring from a distance.

You can not please people only GOD, and only GOD should we aim to please.

Peace and blessings ❤️

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