The late Steve Hawkings

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

Note. Mr.Zacharias had his own sins that came into the light as well. But he was a good defender for the topic of there is a GOD.

There are people who do not believe in GOD. There are those who have made this choice to believe in this way.

There are many who make it a mission to mock and defy GOD, the one and only true living GOD . With what seems to be with such anger. So, sure, they are correct in with what they say will prove that they are correct.

Once a person denies GOD, they deny JESUS, salvation, and all that is Holy. They have shut the door on their heart that will allow JESUS in. To know what true and perfect love is.

They do not respect GOD and HIS moral laws. So they will have a sin that they choose to live by freely and don’t want anyone to tell them about it.

I don’t know about what Mr. Hawkings did behind closed doors. That remains between GOD and Mr. Hawkings.

The late Ravi Zacharias was a well-known defense for the proof that there is a GOD from where moral laws have come from. Even through the well sexual sin he was accused of. He made some good points that if you researched it for yourself, you would say it is true.

This is a good point in researching for yourself and not to idolize any mankind. Both of these men were not perfect. But one was a believer in GOD. We will let our GOD be the judge of their fate.

GOD rest their souls.

Just like any non Christian beliefs others may have, if they choose to bow down and worship like trees or whatever. I just notice and leave it as their choice.

If you are saved and a follower of Christ JESUS, then you will understand why I do try to read about apologetics. It helps to defend the faith 🙏🏾.

Peace and blessings ❤️

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