Voting. Which is the lesser of 2 evils to choose?

Do you vote in political elections?

I look into how or if a candidate is a true believer as best as I can figure it out with GOD helping me to understand.

Only GOD knows the heart of all mankind. People will tell an untruth for power and money. So, this makes the choice even more serious when adding political issues.

What else can you do except pray? Yes, you can read up on the policies of each candidate. Look to see if they are morally correct on social issues. See if they have a criminal record or if a child molester.šŸ˜ÆšŸ˜ÆšŸ˜Æ

No one is perfect. We all are sinners. But there are those who don’t care about whatever they do to get power. And do not care about the consequences that it will bring.

That would mean others could be pushed into situations they did not ask for, such as higher taxes to pay.šŸ˜”

I do vote. But I do so with prayer. That will help to make a good choice. And if GOD willing, the right one will win.

May the best man or woman win

Peace and blessings ā¤ļø

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