I love camping!

Have you ever been camping?

Enjoying what our beloved FATHER GOD has made.

Yes, I have been camping and it is a beautiful experience! And I am grateful my Mom let join the Girl Scouts! That let me be able to know what land looked like before mankind put buildings on it.

The smell of fresh clean air is not like the air in a highly populated city. It is “sweet” and fresh! The earth is too, and the soil is rich in color. Plant life is greener and healthier looking.

Peaceful resting.

When you are cooking over a campfire, the food even tastes better. Something about the combination of the wood, the cast iron, and the cleaner air touching your food.

I learned a peaceful connection with the earth and our GOD that you don’t get from city life. There are no distractions from the stressful situations that come from a lot of people trying to get things done for themselves before someone else gets in their way.

When sleeping outside, you can see the stars on a clear night. You feel how great GOD is. And powerful, too. This is very humbling in a good way. It is good to know that with all of HIS power, HE is loving, too.

Amazing beauty at night.

Peace and blessings!

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