The garden. Our little Eden in NY.

Hello all!

My hubby and I love to garden and grow some of our food. We do love to eat fresh veggies from onions, garlic, lettuces, greens and corn. I love to take pictures of the garden too.

We started last year with raised beds, for the ground was becoming very hard and hard to grow anything decent in it. The soil was loosing its richness for veggies but good for weeds. 🙂

It is easier to control the nutrients in the soil when you use raised beds. Manure, egg shells and whatever else the ground needs you can control. And then you will see that you plants don’t dry out so quickly as well too. At least we noticed this for us, it maybe different for you.

Our strawberries 2019
Our giant strawberries 2019
Our giant strawberries 2019
Our corn 2019
Our giant sunflowers 2019
Corn and strawberries 2019
Corn 2019
White eggplants 2019
Summer squash 2019
Odd shaped zucchini trying to grow . It was hit by those white flies. You can see them in the picture there at the neck of the plant.
This squash was suffering too from the white flies. c.2019
One the white flies missed. This was very tasty. c.2019
Garlic , beets marigolds and herbs. c.2019
Our 2019 beets and garlic.
Our 2019 radishes
Our 2019 large onions!
This is just a small section of the onions we grew in 2019.
Our lettuce and kohlrabi bed in 2019
Praise GOD for our little eden!
Our potato bed, we had two in 2019
Our cabbage and potatoes 2019
Our 2019 cabbage
Our string beans for 2019
2019 beets
Our beets for 2019
One of our turnips in 2019
Our lettuce patch
Our young tomatoes in 2019, some of them anyway.
2019 sweet potatoes!
Seedlings in the green house. 2019

The beginnings of the raised beds all made by my husband in 2019 in the pictures below! 🙂

As you can see here, our yard soil is not the dark rich looking type of soil we need to grow good food in. But the yard soil will grow weeds.

The bargain plants from the sale at the local garden center in 2019.

Pre-raised beds 2019
Our green house in 2019.

This is a learning experience each year we garden. But as we learn we get better. 🙂 Praise and glory be to our GOD now and for all eternity for all of the blessings he does give us all.

Have a blessed day! I hope if you garden you will enjoy it as much as we do.


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