1 Peter 5:8 Avoid negative people!

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During your course of the day , o any day in your life you will meet a negative person who just seems to maybe even enjoy being negative. These people we should pray for and move on. You may have even tried to show them about being negative is not good. Telling them good things, showing them the blessings in life and all they seem to come up with is a complaint or something negative.

I know many people who are suffering with this negative mindset, and I do feel sorry for them. Anyone can feel depressed at any given time, but o dwell on it is not good. It will keep you down until you see that you need the LORD to throw you a rope to pull you up and out into a blessing!

King David in the Bible who wrote the Psalms dealt with negativity and by reading the Psalms you do see how much he did love GOD and depended on GOD to pull him up. and he always did. You see the trails he went through in his time of life is no different than what we as the people of today go through right now. He had his haters too, that sought after him to destroy him. When you are a loving child of GOD this is what happens every single day when you have to work or be around those who are un GODLY and hate GOD. They will see that there is something different about you and will hate you too.

Even if you have recently been saved and now love GOD and HIS son JESUS, those people you once called as a friend will now turn against you. Hating you, because now you are different to them. They can sense it in you. You are now covered with the blood of JESUS and do have Him in your heart.

What you will need to do now is to see that were you were is not where you need to be. Prayer, faith , trust, understanding and making GOD your 1st best friend in your life who is THE perfect best friend to have and HIS son JESUS is 2nd because he is the son who came after the FATHER GOD I heaven. That’s how it is for me, and I am very comfortable with that too. You will see you can not depend on people, or things of the world to find your joy, for it is in the LORD. You will never be alone of feel alone when you will see that you have two very, very, very good loving friends with you at all times in your life.

Here is a site with even more scripture in it to show you the way to avoid negative people.

Dealing with negative people


I do hope that if anything or person has influenced you into making feel bad about your self, and putting you in a depressed mode…that you will to the one who truly know our heart and has our best interest to see us do well and to be happy.

Drugs, drinking, over eating, laziness, turning your back on doing the right thing for yourself health wise and most of all turning away from GOD make you happy. See when you depend on anything that is not from GOD, it is of the world. Only GOD will not lie to you, not in HIM to do anything like that. The devil lies to you, tells you negative things and has negative people sent to annoy and distract you from GOD. The devil was kicked out of heaven and fell to earth, so if he cant be in heaven with GOD he surely does not want mankind in heaven either.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Give JESUS a try, call on him and HE WILL answer you. Ask in a quiet place with no one else around you will need His help to get the strength to avoid the negative people.

Study the word too. You will find peace once you leave that burden with the LORD and trust HIM 100% to lift it from you in HIS perfect way for you. You can GOOGLE for passages from the Bible on your phone too! Here are some verses to help you.


I do pray that all that read this will be blessed, find peace and will be strong in the LORD!