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Needing to pursue the urge to combine the Ministry that you have seen in my blog with the retail part of my righteous desire. This could be helpful to many as I combine my talents along with my Husbands to reach people to be saved.

Just handing out Bible Tracts as how the late artist Jack Chick did with his Bible comics has reached many people, I need to use my talent as how GOD sees fit. Notice I do say as how GOD sees fit because He knows what will reach some people.

Many people are visual and will need to things I make to get their attention. Many people will hear my Husband and I sing and be pulled in the follow the LORD and be saved. Now with song, music and hand-made items this will touch some people.

We will need an able-bodied vehicle to get around with that will have a bathroom, bed, and kitchen so that we can avoid using the hotels if we need to at any given time. We want to go to churches in other states than what we live in right now. And yes it would ne nice to be in a hotel when we need to but that would cost more money to spend several nights in if we need to stay somewhere for over a week even.

To show my ideas to anyone who is willing to help with a donation , I am showing you some pictures of trucks made for fashion alone. But the one that we will need , will also carry the sewing and printers, fabric and other supplies to make the Bible tracts and the music equipment for us to have and outdoor concert too. And anything else we may need that I may have forgotten to mention right now.


retail truck 2017 1

One design of a truck idea. Love the Black and white design.

retail truck 2017

Another design idea.

The Styleliner, A Boutique-On-Wheels

“The Styleliner, a boutique-on-wheels, selling clothing, jewelry and other accessories, located in the Meatpacking District, Sunday, May, 5, 2013. Bryan Smith for the Wall Street Journal. NYFASHIONTRUCK” Another idea! Love how the storage and display ideas!



High fashion detailing in this one and I love it too!


Please head over to the Go Fund Me link I have started for this campaign. It really needs to be shared with those who are like-minded and love the LORD.

This ministry can be done with GODS will and timing. Thank you for looking and be blessed . Thank you for looking!