Happy Fathers Day , FATHER GOD!

one god 2017

Happy Fathers Day to the one and only true living GOD of all heaven and earth! The creator of all that is right , Holy and good! From where all blessings do flow with pure love! How awesome and truly wonderful you are dear Father GOD!

It is so great and wonderful to see another day you give to all who do truly know and love you with all of their hearts, mind and souls! I do praise you FATHER GOD with all of my strength, heart, mind and soul! My love for you FATHER GOD is as deep! For without you there is no light, no peace, no joy, no healing.

I marvel at your works , the wonders you have created and they are all very good. No one can do what you do.  Your only begotten son whom You have sent to earth honored You and said in the Bible

LUKE 18:19

And Jesus said unto him, “Why callest thou me good? none is good, save one, that is, God.”

It is so comforting to me to know that GOD is in control, not mankind or anything else. Because GOD is good and there is no evil in HIM. It is a safe, wonderful and loved feeling too, just like being a small child being protected by a loving earthly Father and Mother.

I want to give you praise Father GOD for all that you have done my whole life long. For sending your son Jesus here on this earth to save all of mankind that seek after you and Jesus and will be saved. For to be in heaven with You Father God, Jesus, the Angels and all of the good and blessed people who made it their before me is my desire. To be where there is pure goodness all around me , peace and unconditional love for all of eternity long.


God is so cool and loving. His son Jesus was sent to save us from the sins we are in so we can be right with GOD and make it into heaven to be with him. Do not be left behind listening to the temptations of the evil one whose goal is to keep you out of heaven because he was kicked out of heaven. He don’t want humans to make in heaven at all. As an old expression goes….”misery loves company”.

I do pray that for all that read this post, you will turn to GOD and accept JESUS as your savior. Give glory to the one and only true living GOD, the creator of all heaven and earth, the father of all FATHERS, the beloved FATHER GOD in heaven.

Have a blessed day and Honor your good earthly Father and Mother at all times. I do know there are people out there that are not right how they treat there children as how GOD would have it. I ask you pray for them, allow GOD to work on them as how HE sees fit. You keep your faith in check, leave it with GOD, trust in HIM to cure an correct the problem. Have peace about and stand back. And it will get done.