Sewing and custom tailored clothing.

Describe something you learned in high school.

Fabric that is used to make clothes will come off of a bolt. That can be one of those flat ones that may have about 25 yards on it or on a round cardboard pole. Those can hold as much as 100 yards depending on how thick the fabric is.

When I was in high school, our trade dressmaking class teacher took us to the garment industry section of Manhattan. There were such beautiful fabrics in that section of Manhattan on 38th Street from 8th Ave to 5th.

We picked out what we wanted for our prom dresses. There were no males in that class, so it was just us young ladies. We picked out brocade, chiffon, and silks. That was the most interesting place for me to see such beautiful fabric!

What we learned how to do was to form our chosen fabric into a beautiful gown. We formed it from a flat piece of fabric into another dimension and shape! From a pattern to a beautiful evening gown that made us feel special for the night.

We created and formed it.

Kind of reminded me how our beloved FATHER GOD creates. HE formed us with HIS hands, too. Giving mankind the ability to be creative but as a human can only do.

So, every bolt of fabric has the potential to be created into something beautiful. Just like people. We have the potential to be created into someone beautiful, too!

Have a blessed peaceful day!

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