The Holy Bible. A book of the history of all creation and GOD’S love.

What book could you read over and over again?

Each time I read GOD’S word, the holy Bible I will always find something in it that will apply to my situation.

Even though I may have a particular verse or chapter it may have more meaning to it than I have read it the first time giving me even more understanding than when I have read it the one thousandth time!

This so wonderful as to how these words can give such comfort. So much guidance in every day life. The people back then have the same sins and problems of that day as we do today. No difference.

And because of that we can see the outcome of situations we deal with today. What happens when we do things our way or listen to GOD and do things HIS way.

There is no confusion HIS way. There is peace. And the people back then to learn this as we mankind will now.

GOD is cool, wise, and powerful at all times. It is good to read the bible as it takes your mind off of the confusion of the day.

Peace and blessings!

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