Santa ain’t coming to town. But JESUS is!

Matthew 24:36

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

King James Version (KJV)

Hello all!

I do pray that you all are safe, well and happy to be alive. For we all know as we wait in the LORD to return, it can happen at any time right now! Yay!

I see the celebration of JESUS disappearing more and more from the stores and is being replaced by a santa or a snowman. This is not a good thing. We need to speak up for our rights as CHRISTians, for if we do not our rights will be taken from us.

Celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas with your family. Salvation is more than just a thought.

African American version It don’t matter what you feel JESUS looks like right now. Just believe in HIM.

There is a true meaning to CHRISTmas and the fake one. True one is all about our savior JESUS and always should be.

But for those who are lost, and still want to celebrate CHRISTmas with out JESUS will celebrate our saviors birthday with santa.

European Version. If you need to see JESUS in your mind, remember there is only the right right way as how the bible says to. Our savior. Not by color.

From what I understand, Santa Claus we know now was created by a German cartoonist name Thomas Nast in 1862 for a magazine named Harpers Weekly. There was a poem written in 1821 called ” Old Santeclaus with much delight” Not the same as the Monk named St. Nicholas from the 3rd century of of Demre Turkey in the Asia Minor. Still these are two different being that really have nothing to do with our CHRIST JESUS.

Any thing I can look up is all after the birth of JESUS. So, what is the point to celebrate it is has nothing to do with our salvation and being in the period of grace?

Christforgivness ministries in nyc. This is a long video so it will best to listen on your phone while at work or busy doing things at home.

This is the fake meaning of CHRISTmas pictured below. Santa has nothing to do with JESUS. This fable was created AFTER the birth of CHRIST sometime around the 4th century from what I can find out.

From link, https:/

As we serve the LORD let us remember the times we are in. There is little or no mention of JESUS in this Holiday season. We need to never be ashamed of JESUS and show our love for our savior. Santa is a distraction from the truth about JESUS. And this is not good.

We give gifts as to celebrate the birth of JESUS. The start on the tree I was told was to represent the star when JESUS was born that we put on the tree.

JESUS was the best gift to ever we could ever have from our FATHER GOD. Nothing a made up fable like santa could ever do.

Stay true to the savoir, CHRIST JESUS at CHRISTmas time and at all times of the year!

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4 thoughts on “Santa ain’t coming to town. But JESUS is!

  1. Thank you, JJ for this informative post (Now, I know that Santa is not Nicholas the monk) and showing the fake “fables” in the world on CHRISTmas! You are right, JESUS is the best gift of GOD the FATHER, so we should not be ashamed of JESUS but stay true to our Savior this CHRISTmas and throughout the year. GOD bless you and your family, my friend! Merry CHRISTmas!

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      • Likewise, JJ, thank you for encouraging me first. All the blessings! May GOD always there for you and your loved ones. – Moses Kent a.k.a. Gersom (Moses’ firstborn) Clark (Kent’s first name Superman).

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      • Definitely, we will all meet in Heaven JJ but who knows we might meet someday physically if not online! Have a wonderful CHRISTmas with your family and friends! – Moses Kent a.k.a. Gersom Clark.

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