Disrespecting and mocking what is HOLY.

Good day everyone, I do pray that you all will have a blessed day today.

I have a chapel in the building where I work. And on my break, I sometimes go there to get comfort from GOD or pray.

When going in this day two women I work with were in there….texting. In the Chapel. It is their business what they do. But when your heart is not right it shows.

As soon as I came into the small chapel, they rolled their eyes looking at me and with an attitude left. I was surprised that they came in there to do what they were doing. But then as I though about it, they are not of the body of CHRIST.

I proceeded to get on my knees and did what I needed to do.

Coming back into the office, one complained to another one of her friends that I came into the Chapel. So that i would know what she thought about it. Oh well. I needed to talk to the LORD and they did not. They just took it as a room where there was no one in it to do what they wanted in secret that had nothing to do GOD. Oh well. hey were not going to stop me from praying.


This reminds me of what happened when Jesus went into the church and their were money changers in there.

Not in the church because they love GOD. Just in there doing their own thing.

These women from my office are those that love their drink, go to bars, do not feel sex outside of marriage is wrong. Living a lifestyle that is not GODS loving plan. And so when I came into the chapel , it made me feel like what was happening in the picture above. I came in with JESUS in my heart, and they ran out! (lol!)

The fact that when I came into the chapel, and they glared at me wasn’t right. These women do not share a loving Jesus heart.

We need to step back and think about what we are doing in our lives. Are we living for GOD and HIS will? Because as one will ignore GOD to do what we want, when we are in trouble we call on GOD to have HIM help us.

Yes, people do have freedom of choice, but to get an attitude of hate in the chapel towards a person who needs to be with GOD, and you are in their doing the opposite is not right.


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