Pressure cooking Boiled peanuts !

My kids and I love boiled peanuts. I was planning on bringing them some during my vacation. But due to covid 19. The travel plans were canceled and I wound up doing a staycation. 😔😔😔.

So I am sharing what I have shared with them. I made mine to last and have it year round by pressure canning PINT sized jars!

I have not seen any green peanuts around where I live. But at the #PriceChopper they sell RAW by #HamptonFarms. I have used them before for years. And they are easy to use. Less preparation than the green ones and waaaaay cleaner.

I did boil the peanuts for an hour before pressure canning adding some pickling salt to five bags of the #Hamptonfarms raw peanuts. And that was 5 teaspoons equal to one teaspoon per bag. I did taste the water to if the amount of salt added was good. It was but if you want more salt to your taste buds add a little at a time.

They are looking good here.

Use a ladle and funnel to put your hot peanuts into hot jars. Always hot product to hot jars!

One inch head space of product to your jars.

Be careful because you dont want to over fill your jars.

I love using WIDE mouth #Balljars! Easy to clean. You can get your whole hand in them to clean the jars! And the product is easy to get out too.

Almost done.

Now to get into the canner.

Wiping the rims of the jars with vinegar and making sure again their are no cracks. Even though I checked when I was cleaning them in hot soapy water.

Put your rings on finger tight tip tight. Never crank them on super tight. It will cut off the air flow and your jars will burst in the canner ruining your food.😥😥😥. Not good.

One stack to go in! I am using the big canner today.🙂🙂🙂

Okay. Last stack. I use a rack to divide each stack of 8 jars. So I made 16 the first go round and 8 more the last go round. I processed them for 75 minutes. Let them cool overnight and then labeled them.

😃😃😃 It was fun to learn a new food to process.

Have a blessed day and enjoy your peanuts this new year GOD willing with your family and one glass of sparkling #Champane! Yummo!


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