Have a blessed CHRISTmas day!

Hello all!

I do hope you all are having a blessed CHRISTmas day! It is another day that the LORD GOD has made for us to enjoy and to spread the good news of the GOSPEL of our beloved CHRIST JESUS!

I imagine what it must have been back when our JESUS was born. And all that He had gone through from a newborn baby until His day when He was nailed to the cross as if He were a common thief.

But our JESUS is King. He is the son of our beloved GOD in heaven! Jesus is our savior and the key to heavens gate. JESUS is the only way to heaven to see the FATHER. So as we celebrate this day, let us all remember the real meaning of CHRISTmas. It is the celebration of our savior coming from heaven to save our souls from the sins we have done, are doing and will do. For we humans are weak in the flesh and cannot make it through life without JESUS.

GOD loves us all so that He sent HIS son to show us this. You know what JESUS did , no one was qualified to do it. For of the sins we all are in. Such love, such patience, such a sacrifice….I cannot imagine what it must have been like to watch a man who loved you so to be beaten as how our savior was that day.

I can not imagine what it was like for Mary to birth a child who was there to save her soul. For divine intervention from JESUS being put into her womb and her STILL being a virgin could only be done by GOD’s will. The conception was not done as how mankind will assume as how man and woman would procreate. That could not be. It was done with no man touching her, no Angel ….it was done as how only GOD would do it by keeping her a virgin. Therefore the virgin birth is true to form.

The birth of our savoir is devine! GODLY! Perfect! Let us keep nit Holy in all ways, for GOD is Holy in all ways. Mary was never defiled for she did what GOD told her to do and was happy to do it. Regardless of what people would think of her, she had Joseph as her husband to respect her and to understand that this was GOD’s loving will to happen. For all of mankind.

So let us thank our GOD for sending JESUS, thank JESUS for all He had went through, and will do for us all. So that we all caan enter the gates of heaven and see the FATHER GOD who created us.

Happy birthday dear JESUS. I maynot know your actual day of birth, but I wish you ahappy blessed day!

Let us all be in prayer too as we celebrate this day togeher. We maynot be in the same househole, but we are in the same world as people. Our world needs prayer from the prayer warriors all over the globe. Our earth home is hurting from sin.

Enjoy your day and be thankful that our savior came and is making a place for us in heaven. I am about to start making the CHRISTmas dinner!

Peace and blessings!