GOD does not need mankind.  Mankind needs GOD.

Romans 2:11

“For there is no respect of persons with God.”

Hello all.

I do hope you all have had a blessed and holy CHRISTmas day. We did and because we trust in our FATHER GOD all things went well.

As I grow more in faith each day learning and gaining understanding through prayer, I see how much more life can be when we have a good communication with our GOD in heaven.

Reading the word is very important. There is do much instruction there in the bible.  Showing what will happen when you listen to GOD’s warnings and when you do not. HIS teachings is showing us how to avoid negative complications. How yo be patient.  How to listen before speaking too quickly. How to have compassion for others. How yo love others as how you would love yourself. And most of all how much GOD  HIS SELF loves mankind too.

HE son JESUS to save us from what he hates. ALL sins of any kind at any level. Sin is not a color. It is what it is, actions that go against what is holy by our GOD.

GOD wants to share HIS perfect love with mankind. The first sin through the temptation done to Adam and Eve brought a fallen world. And the tempter is the cause of all evil. Lesson number one was then given. When you dont listen to GOD’S warnings to have you avoid a negative situation you will then by your own choice walk right into it.

I feel this is why those who are unbelievers will say why did your GOD allow all of this to happen? Mankind made a choice. With that choice came complications of what sin does. Not only for themself but for all of the children  after them too. Confusion. ..shame…regret…and wanting to hide from GOD’S light.

Adam and Eve did this once they had eaten the forbidden fruit.

So, if doing sin is shameless then why to those who seek it prefer the darkness and not the light? Why are they feeling persecution when a believer is praising GOD and talking about JESUS and salvation? And if it is not dark they huddle together whispering and planning evil.

But the holy spirit is powerful. It will have a person feel anger and conviction due to the evil they love to do.

See, do therefore we all need the LORD GOD. We all need JESUS!

We need to be saved from our sins through accepting JESUS as our one and only way into heaven! So we all will be free from this fallen world.

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