Watch “Victory walk over Downtown Calgary | Cross Canada Tour” on YouTube

Hello all

I am updating this post with more information regarding this Pastor David Lynn. From what I have seen of this man, he has the spirit and fire for our beloved savior JESUS.

He is walking the streets with it too. Telling everyone who can hear him that JESUS loves them too. But with those who are confused with the ways of the world and loving the sin that they are in, they do not seem to hear the truth.

The evil one lies to them saying that GOD hates them, which is not true. It is the sin itself that GOD hates. The evil one has their mind so twisted that they will say that Christians hate them. Not so. The devil will lie and say all of this becasue hhates all mankind when JESUS does not.

So therefore the devil loves sin, and will confuse the people who turn away and tell them that it is the people who are hated.

I have watched the videos of Pastor boldly march the streets calling all people to JESUS. And what happens then? Some will come to Pastor Lynn seeking to be saved. While those who are filled with demons will attack him and those with him verbally or throwing or spitting.

Pastor David Lynn of Christian Forgiveness Ministries.

There are not too many men who will go out into the streets to call people to JESUS. But they are out there doing the will of GOD.

Check him out and see how he relates to people with a JESUS heart. Able to answer to all who ask questions too .

Have a blessed day in the LORD and feel free to pass this blog forward.



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