Proverbs 15:1. A soft answer.

Hello everyone!

I do pray that you all will have a blessed day in the LORD!

I have been canning up the food we were growing in our garden, and I say it is more hard work to preserve your food than to grow it. You have to tnd to it con a constant basis , even when it begins to get cold.

As it is with when you are talking to a person who is new in the LORD, the seed of faith must be planted in them. And they need to be nourished with the word of GOD.

I have met many Pastors who are very direct in their preaching. Not many people read the Bible. Many do not want to hear the truth. I would not have been so stern though, but that is how a certain type of man (pastor) would handle it as he is led by GOD. I am not to tell GOD how to handle things, GOD is to tell me.

But it is how you tell others about the word and tone of voice that will either have people listen or turn away from you. I have come across some street Ministers who are very direct with people who rebel against the laws of GOD and love the sin that they are in. Seeing nothing wrong with it and become angry and violent when the Pastor is only trying to tell all who will listen the truth.

I read the word and JESUS did not have all who were listening want to hear the truth either, such as the pharisees in HIS day. They wanted to do away with JESUS. By going by what they thought he was saying was blasphemous. And JESUS came in love and all those who did not like to hear what he was saying hated him.

We humans are all sinners. You and me, young or old. So no matter what the sin is, it is sin. When my husband came across a Pastor from Canada on youtube, he was able to answer from the Bible each question that was asked to him….in sound biblical doctrine.

It is like those who like to use the saying “a little white lie”. Lies are lies and do not come in a color for if it is a lie then it bad regardless.

Upon seeing this video, it made my eyes well up. Seeing how much he loved people, and the people hated him back. All of those who did not want to hear it were yelling and cussing at him, spitting, throwing things at him. They did not understand why he was there…it was because of love.

Yes he was direct in his manner of speech. But this is what the truth sounds like. No wishy-washy talk.

You know what? The devil hates ALL mankind. Those who love the LORD and seek after righteousness and those who do not. He will use those who have turned away from GOD to go against those who are for GOD!

See, those who are wicked they are on the side of evil unless they repent. Satan rules over them as best as he can. So if you even get a chance to show a confused soul that was lied to , he will stir up feelings in them of anger. People hurt people, be it themselves or others.

The lost, lied to, and abused are chained to the sins they love. It kind of reminds me of the seeds planted that need nourishment, sun and water to grow strong and healthy to serve us. They need the weeds removed from around them that take away the life or the full potential of what they can be. The seeds are the babies , the earth is the blanket of comfort. The water, sunshine, air and the sun is the nourishment to grow.

I do not want to want to see anyone die before accepting JESUS as savior. Not even my enemies who hate GOD, for I know what is making them do evil. And I know what will make then do right.

To be left out of what is perfect pure joy, love, peace, contentment and comfort for all eternity long is a sad thing.

I think about those who maybe nice people who help others , giving donations, and basically being an honest person that can get along with all people. That they have NOT given their life to Christ JESUS. Who have children that are not being taught about salvation and the word of GOD.

If we as humans were able to pay our way into heaven, it would not be a peaceful place. There would be more of the people who have done mean things there ….well I don’t even want to think about.

But GOD rules all heaven, and this is where I want to be and for all of those who want to be there as well too. For those who do not know about heaven, well this is one of the reasons why I post these posts. The main reason is to give honor to GOD first and foremost!

I am hoping that I will encourage others to have the same kind of joy I feel and have for GOD and HIS son JESUS. And I do hope I am telling you as best as I can with a soft voice.

Be blessed ad never stressed. GOD loves you and HIS son JESUS. So if you thought no one did…you know at least the two most important ones in the world does. GOD will send out people with all types of personalities to reach all people. Through all medias, face to face or phone. Study the word to know who are true and who are the false prophets of the earth so you will not be deceived.

Feel free to pass this blog forward to others so that they too will get a blessing from reading GOD’S words. AMEN?



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