Feeling lonely?

lonely 9-30-18


Reading my Bible is something I hold on to and need. I do see the people of the Bible go through the same things of today’s times.

Many Christian people do not read the Bible for comfort and may only pick one up at church service.  But if we do that only then , how can we find comfort in the word when we need it.

Yes we can use our cell phones with a Bible app in it and still be able to read the whole Bible whenever we need to and this is good if we don’t want to carry the extra physical weight of the Bible. Which is good.

And at lunch time, when I choose to sit alone at work to be alone with the LORD, those who do not have the same connection to GOD as a true Christian will see me or anyone like me as sitting alone and lonely. Not true, if they had the presence of the LORD in and with them they would know, that no one is truly alone!

Prayer and talking to GOD and His beloved son JESUS will keep you feeling comforted at all times never with the feeling of loneliness ever. How could you feel alone when you are in constant communication with GOD and His son JESUS?


Pastor RC Blakes Jr. 

Pastor RC Blakes Jr. explains his concept very well. He thinks the same way that I do in regarding how I do not feel alone. We who love GOD are in the presence of GOD feel HIM with us at all times.

What the Pastor here was saying is what I was feeling even before I looked him up to add him to my blog today. I have not seen any of his other videos, this is the one I needed for today that was in synch with my topic for today.

Here are some scripture to read regarding the feeling of being alone…


See we can not depend on people to feel we are in good company and have someone there that will and is listening to us and our hurts and concerns. Some people will try their best to help, but they do not know all about what has made you to feel the way you do. Only GOD can step in to heal and fill that void. GOD made us, and He can fix us. And I mean ONLY GOD can fix it.

And it is up to you to head over to GOD, pray, and wait on GOD to answer and for you to listen to the answer that HE will give to you. Remember that GOD is in control, make no demands on HIM, for GOD does not need us ….we need HIM 24/7 and 365 plus for leap year. Open up your heart to hear what GOD is telling you, you may not like the right answer that he is giving to you because it is your way and not HIS Devine correct way.

But when we pray for an answer we all need to listen so we can receive HIS perfect help to pull us all up out of the trouble that is weighing us down. GOD is with us always!

Matthew 28:20 King James Version (KJV)

20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am

with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.


King James Version (KJV)
Our GOD can not lie! May you all receive a blessing from the reading and sharing of the word today. I pray you all will have a blessed day.
For those who feel lonely, remember you have 2 best friends you can always count on and they are GOD the Father of all heaven and earth and His beloved son JESUS our savior!

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