Holding on to what our GOD calls sacred.

Jesus loves you 12-16-18

“GOD loves you”


Sacred acts and ways to give GOD praise and glory are all in the Holy Bible. Showing HIS ways and the path we need to choose to get it. And from what I have learned from Pastor Ravi Zacharias , he explains it well.

I have been listening to this man Pastor Ravi Zacharias for years now. And I will tell you he has helped me to understand somethings and was able to explain things better than I could when asked questions about life styles different from the one that we fellow true Christian believers are into regarding our beloved GOD and our savior JESUS.

It is our faith that keeps us alive, happy, and guided towards him and under his wing. The ways of the world and how many people want to live is different from how our GOD is showing us the best way to live with a calm quiet spirit and soul. No nonsense or confusion, peace, contentment and pure joy knowing you and I are loved by the supreme being of all heaven and earth our GOD and His beloved son JESUS.

Adultery , sexual relations out side of the union of a sacred marriage will cause all kinds of issues. Because they are created in confusion thru temptation from the devil and his way of thinking. Influencing many people who do not know the Holy Bible or anyone around them who can lead them to righteousness and pray for them. Their circle of friends and acquaintances all live the same way and know no other way. Thinking that the Bible is a lie and the people who live by GOD’s word are weak and stupid.

True Christians just have an inner peace with in them for our LORD. We may be polite and quiet so to those who are not like-minded don’t get it. They may assume we all are judgemental and hate those who sin. This is so not the case with us all. I know I am a sinner, and so are all mankind. This is way we all need a savior from our sins! Our savior is JESUS!!!

We are holding on to what is sacred by GOD to the best of our human fleshly ability to stay on the track of righteousness. Many of us feel this joy and want to share it with those who have not caught on to what we feel just yet. Many of us do have compassion towards our friends who maybe a little lost but have a good heart.

I know many kind and wonderful people who are homosexual and have same-sex relations and marriages. But they know I stand for GOD and have accepted this. They may not really know what it all means to be a Christian but we get along. We just agree to disagree. I still love them as how the Bible tells me too because I am a Christian who wants to do what GOD says. Period.

There may come a time when the LORD may touch their heart and show them what they are doing is not HIS way. But seeing I am not GOD and in control, I just pray for them and let them know I am there if they need me ever to pray with them and lead them to GOD. For then GOD will take their hand from there and welcome them into the family of GOD as how HE can only judge us fairly and lovingly.

You know, it would be good to see every person I know take the path to GOD and accept JESUS as their savior…and to see them in heaven too! All I can do is love and pray for them as a sister in the LORD.

So when I am asked about this life style by people who agree with it to see if I will say something negative or hurtful, I do my best NOT to. I know if this was a child, and you caught them with their hand in the cookie jar, you would be gentle with them. Same thing with anyone else….I will do my best to be kind. They may not like the fact that I may not agree, but then too they may not agree with me! So we would be even on our disagrees and agrees.

I remember #RaviZacharias and how he explained what is sacred. I could not have explained it any better. For this reason, I am posting this #YouTube video from him regarding this topic.

It touched my heart. For all of the people I do not know, and know I would NOT want the to miss out on the love of GOD and getting into heaven. Because of any of us are doing anything that GOD does not like. You know what I mean?


You can find more information on his ministry here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMOEj6lneZWgrp-r8KqXIQ

The struggle is real with any kind of fleshly sin before GOD’s way, and those of us who assume they don’t sin are lying to themselves. NOT one human is better than the other, JESUS came for all of mankind. ALL!!!  This is why I posting this blog.

When we have people who are seeking for an answer to the same-sex lifestyle , this video may help you and the person seeking a truthful answer. For all of us to give some wisdom to what is sacred and how to explain what is sacred without calling names and finger-pointing. Point the finger at yourself first. Read the word of GOD and turn to GOD for answers, not the ways of the world.


Stay blessed, and be blessed for the reading of the word of GOD and sharing this blog with others. Spread love and #passitforward.




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