Listening to GOD’s loving guidance

God wants your attention 2017


When we pray to out heavenly Father God, we want His Holy attention. Right? You call to GOD and expect Him to hear and answer your prayers. You know in your heart that GOD can do all things . You know that God did send his one and only son JESUS to save us all from the nonsense of this world and our sins.

But do we wait for the answer that our GOD is giving us? Do we wait as long as WE want and then take matters into out own hands. Do we pray for guidance and expect GOD to answer in the way how we expect or want?

There are times when any of us humans do not wait long enough to see what GOD is doing and taking the matters into our own hands because we are leaning on our own understanding.

And then wonder why things are not going right. Being prideful and assuming you know it all.

Using GOD for only when you need Him. You do not truly love GOD with all of your heart, mind , soul and strength. That’s not a good mindset to have by the way. Love GOD.

Mark 12 - 30 in the Bible 2017

Or thinking GOD is ignoring you.

Or GOD answers other people’s prayers and not yours.

Or thinking GOD does not love you. Well then why did GOD send His only begotten son to be the savior of the whole world from the sins that mankind had done and still continues to do to this day?

Were you praying for GOD to do something that was not righteous to someone, that GOD tells you not to do in HIS commandments?

You pray to win the lottery. You see people who have millions of dollars living it large with expensive life styles. You have a modest home and lifestyle and have many bills to pay and wonder why you can not have the same. Well. This maybe the only “heaven” they will have if they do not know JESUS and accept Him as their savior. You don’t want to be like them, you want your heaven to be where you will see the face of GOD and all of the angels and to live with JESUS when your life is done. To hear JESUS say “well done” and let you into heaven.

God may be talking to you right now and you may not hear Him because of the distractions of the world. Things of the world will get you turned around and confused to the point you will wonder if GOD loves you or not.

Some people have to take a hard fall to be able to understand as to what is going on with them. If you do not keep a strong communication with GOD then you will have overlooked what he is telling you.

“The Ministry of the Moth” by a pastor of the name Jentezen Franklin is on You tube. Here is the link: .  He is expressing how important it is to listen to GOD

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Jentezen Franklin and other pastors have been saying the same the thing I have felt for sometime. We mankind should never lean on our own understanding. If we are bold, proud and not humble before the LORD, it will be hard to humble your self. Men who feel just because  they are men, they do not have to pray as hard as they do like women do. Or that GOD will answer a man before a woman.

I have seen those who are so proud take a hard fall. It is not good to see things like this happen. But you will see these people get back up only when they learn from the mistakes they have made to fall as hard as they did.

You do not, and I mean do NOT want GOD to turn away from you if you are not willing to listen to HIS wisdom. EVER.

Hosea 5:15King James Version (KJV)

15 I will go and return to my place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek my face: in their affliction they will seek me early.

God will talk to you gently at first as how a loving Father will. But when HE turns from you and allows you to fall, you will then wish you did listen in the first place. Do your best to seek after GOD and follow HIM and HIS son JESUS. It will be hard at first when you are stubborn and are using your own understanding. But GOD knows ALL and can see ALL. HE has the whole picture and HIS wisdom is unmatchable.

We listen and we will have peace and joy even in hard times.

Praise and glory be to GOD at all times now and forever and for all of eternity long.

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