1 Corinthians 16:13. Stand firm in your faith!

stand firm 2017

I will tell you it is very, very hard to stand firm and be sinless, perfect and right 100% of the time. Even though you know all of the commandments by heart. Even though you will attend church righteously every Sunday and go to Bible study. We aim our days every single morning to do GODS will. We have accepted Jesus , GOD’S son as our savior. We will still , we still we fall short. Every single soul that has walked the face of the earth in the past, now and into the future. We still need JESUS!

1 John 1:8

“If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”

We need our Jesus to stand firm in our faith. There are those people who are lost soul who do not follow Jesus and are the ones who will be workers of evil doings and even realize this is what they are doing. Going about their lives with no control, making trouble for themselves and anyone else as well.

evil doers 2017

They may hate you with just seeing you for the very first time in their lives and do not really know as to why as I have mentioned before. But we need….to….stand….firm. Have faith and to keep it. You may not understand how GOD is going t work things for you. We really don’t have to know what HE is going to do. But we need to wait. All of us who have faith do, well yes you may get curious as to when and how. But we still need to walk by faith and to be around those who have faith at all times. For as believers we need to encourage one another. You don’t always know what a person is going through if they do not tell you.

And if they do, would you pray for them? Yes you would. Because of the love of Jesus in you.

I have a special woman I have known since we were kids going to school. We may have grown up and had to work and have families but we are still loving friends because we share the true love of Jesus. My friend is special to me, for outside of family I trust her to pray with and for me ans I do for her. When I told her of what I was going through, the very next thing she did was to ask me if she could pray for me! We both were in tears from the touch that we felt from GODS hands coming over us. It was…………awesome!!!

Standing firm on faith is like breathing air, we need it!

When it comes to finding a friend like my praying friend I mentioned, a spouse, a job, anything you want GOD in it, we need to pray for this. And when the wolf comes into your path you can bet a very large BEAR from GOD will come to get it away from you.

bear attacking wolf 2017

Like in the above picture, you enemy did not see it coming when GOD steps in. And HE will step in, I have seen it. The lost souls the seek to you do not. They run from GOD and avoid reading His loving words written in the Bible. To also add to that they can not understand how you figured out you knew what they were doing or planning to do to you. You may not have known about at all, GOD did.

I tell you from my heart, GOD watches over all of us who do love HIM without fail.


Stand firm, for in these days and times we are living in many people do not read the Bible and do not have faith. Those that pick and choose from the Bible as to what they want from it to suit the lifestyle they want are not lovers of GOD and His son Jesus either. They do not see the trouble that they have stepped into. They will not read the word because the will not want to hear the truth.

JESUS is the way into heaven. The key. He is truth and the light. I would not want to see anyone be left behind.  I pray for all people I know to be saved. I feel the way how things are happening now a day, JESUS can arrive at any given time from here on.

And this is why I do say to stand firm in our faith, for there will always come a distraction to take our focus on the LORD. We just have to do our best to keep and stay on the path as best as with can with the help, love, patience and understanding from GOD.

Stay in prayer, read the Bible to gain wisdom and understanding of GOD and His beloved son Jesus. Read to see just how much GOD loves us.