Artist Trading Cards

I knew about the ATC better known as Artist Trading Cards for awhile and found interest in looking at what other illustrators and artists were inspired to draw.

These were very interesting seeing that you are drawing in the space of a deck of cards. You are not really limited…but then you are to what you can draw in that space to make it appealing. The kinds of methods of applying your art to the card is endless as it would be to a larger canvas.

So I ventured into it it.

I have found it to be fun to work with these to see how many things I could come up with.

I made a couple of  Paper dolls as a ATC.

A man with ski glasses…

I put these on There will be more once they are done. Right now I want to try something more spritual. Like how I feel …what is complelling me to do.

It is hard in these days and times to find those who are like-minded in the word….who love GOD with all of their mind, heart and soul. I bid you all peace who came to my blog. :=)

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