Giving Praise To GOD 1st and formost!

I give glory and honor to the one and only true living GOD of heaven and earth. HE is all knowing, perfect, good and loving. I give all glory and honr to GOD.

GOD has helped me make it through situations that I saw no end. Like a very young child , that will hold the hand of their good and loving earthly Dad, I stretch up my hands to GOD for help, comfort and love.

 I look up to the heavens for GOD to guide me through each and every second of my life. For the guidence and protection only a loving FATHER GOD will and can do so unconditionaly.

I do not know what I would do without GOD. And to know that HE sent HIS only begotten Sons Jesus to save all mankind from their sins. It is awesome.

GOD loves HIS children and will look out for them and keep all those that seek to harm HIS children in any way shape or form away in the best way that GOD will see fit. Be encouraged.

The enemy will try to do things in secret and in the dark …whispering in corners to others who are as evil to plan against the children of GOD. But GOD will have the last laugh and HE knows that their day is coming. HE knows all things, so they dont know who the wicked really dont know or understand who they are dealing with. GOD is powerful beyond all human understanding.

Trust in the word, when you read it know that it is true. To the point and right on time. Study the word so that you will have the backbone and the knowledge to keep you inspired and head strong in the word against the world. Keep an open communication with our GOD every single day..and every second of the day.

Love GOD with all of your heart , mind, and soul. And unconditional.

Know that Jesus is our savior….what He endured as He walked the face of the earth as a living sacrifice.

GOD is our joy. The true and good love that is missing from the lives of those that dont know HIM for whatever reason.

I give glory , honor and praise to GOD. I know and accept Jesus as my savior. I thank GOD for all of my blessings.

If you do not know the LORD GOD, our heavenly FATHER….make the choice of what road you seek. It is hard to be good in these days and times. But all you have to do is humbly bend your knees and give GOD the praise to GOD first and foremost always.

Be blessed and not stressed.

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