GOD and JESUS, cooking and gardening in that order.

What topics do you like to discuss?

I will be the most boring person to some or like-minded to others. It is all cool. When I have conversations with others, it is usually more about salvation.

I can not talk about JESUS to all people because not all people have accepted JESUS and will be offended if ì happen to mention HIS Holy name!

It is wonderful to meet up with people who are like-minded. I find joy in praising the LORD with others.

Then there’s food. Where to shop for it, where to eat out, how to cook it or can it.

I enjoy cooking and making new recipes. Dumplings wrapped in the wonton wrappers we get from the veggie section in our grocery.

I made enough dumplings here in the picture shown to last a week! Not every day after work do I feel like cooking. Planning ahead helps.

Then on the list is growing your food to eat. The garden is your grocery store. It keeps the grocery bill down. You are eating organic food if you don’t use chemicals.

Grow your own, eat your own vegetables, fruits, and nuts!

Have a peaceful and blessed day!

3 thoughts on “GOD and JESUS, cooking and gardening in that order.

  1. I love this! I totally enjoy talking to people about Jesus as well! Many don’t understand the joy behind it because they don’t know him, but if we continue to spread the good news and allow God to use us then we are doing our part. God isn’t worrying about being offensive, He is more concerned with getting the word out. If people get offended then they are more than likely being used of the devil which means they need God more than ever and in those cases, we pray and cast that devil out, let God do the increase. Keep on sowing! Love this post!

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