Garden no no.

Write about a time when you didn’t take action but wish you had. What would you do differently?

Ever been so busy then forgot you needed to things done and did something different?

Oops, adding too much water or not enough?

When it is really hot in June, your plants can dry up like potato chips. Ask me how I know.

Last year, we happened to miss one day to water the veggie garden. We suffered the consequences along with the poor plants.

Our harvest was not the best. It didn’t match up to the year before. We didn’t get 40 tomato plants that I needed to make sause of them!

Not to mention the salad greens, carrots, and potatoes. It was not cool. What we did get was just enough for every day eating and not enough to store for the upcoming winter. 😒

We did thank GOD for what we fid harvest. We got some cabbage , chives both onion and garlic, lettuce cucumber and kale. 😃

So this year, we are using IBC tanks filled with rain water. We have JESUS to depend on. And from praying over it, we were led to 2 very reasonable tanks!

Let’s see how GOD will bless us this year in our garden!

Peace and blessings!

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