Comfort time.

How do you unwind after a demanding day?

When we get home from our day we like to spend quality time with our beloved FATHER GOD in prayer and reading HIS word.

We spend time with our beloved FATHER GOD in prayer. I have heard that the family that stays together prays together. Or vice versa.

There is such comfort and in connecting with GOD and your loved ones. The comfort can only be at this kind of level and depth with faith and trust.

Trust in the LORD and with your family. Bonding. This comfort is like a nice warm bed on a cold night. Your pillows and comforter give you warmth. Protection from the cold. You smile as you doze off to sleep.

Even though you may not actually see our Creator eye to eye, you can feel HIS presence. HE is always with us.

Have a blessed day and night!

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