Good food at an affordable price.

What is your favorite restaurant?

I am a foodie. So, for me to say that one particular restaurant is my favorite is difficult. I happen to like more than one cuisine.

From southern style cooking of African descent to Mexican to corned beef that comes out on St. Patrick’s day to kosher deli food to Italian food to Chinese food.

Then there is Jamaican food too eith those beef patties I love. Hispanic foods. Polish foods.

Foods you get at coney Island, too. Those nathan’s hot dogs are the best. And that cherry coke, too.

From living in NYC, it was always easy to get food made from people of other countries. The Greek gyros ! Man! I have not had NYC food like that in some time.

In my area, I will say that my husband and I like Buffett style restaurants. And ours is one good one where they mostly make Chinese food, but their I’d a few non Chinese dishes there too!

When you go out with your friends and family, there is a connection that you have that is wonderful. When you all are on one accord. Sharing a meal

Starting your meal off in prayer and not even caring who is watching you all pray. You are bonding with the love of JESUS Christ. Having food for the soul and body. The best thing to happen on a full tummy!

Tell your family and friends you love them over a good meal! Be it in a restaurant or at home!

Peace and blessings!

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