Praying and then listening for GODS answer.

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

When I pray, I have learned to wait on GOD to answer me. As humans, we all need to listen to our beloved FATHER GOD at all times. It’s a faith growing process.

This has made a positive change in my life. A growing in understanding and wisdom. Patience as to wait and trust in GOD and HIS perfect timing.

Only our beloved FATHER GOD can see the true and perfect solution to our burden when we leave it with HIM.

Steady prayer, trust, and faith in GOD with the communication to HIM. Acceptance of HIS beloved son JESUS as savior.

This change is a positive learning process that will continue your whole lifetime because of what we go through day to day.

And what the evil one will try to do to you and all of us mankind. But when you become a child of GOD, you are protected by GOD at all times.

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