Watching the athletes swim.

What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?

When I watch the athletes swim, I can see even before they hit the water all of the training and hard work they went through by how their bodies look. Strong sleek men and women!

They have spent most of their waking hours training for this sport. To win their prize. Being able to eat high amounts of calories because they burn high amounts of calories! 😄

To train and stay focused on swimming. No distractions. Staying on track. And getting the right results they needed.Doing what is right to win the race. Determined.

This has me thinking about how we who are Christians need to train to win the race of faith. To get yo the end as winners in life doing GODS will.

For those of us with the goal for heaven. Entering the gate of heaven. Having our beloved FATHER GOD and HIS SON JESUS welcome us in because we worked so hard to get there too.

Have a blessed day!

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