Food for the mind body and soul.

How would you improve your community?

You know what? There are do many programs available for people in distress to help them in disasters. Many people here in America need help too.

I see people dying in severe cold weather on the streets. Homeless. No one even aware that the homeless person they’ve walked past has died and has been dead for awhile!

Food costs Is going up. Steady. What was $6 for a whole Chicken 2 months ago is $9. We need to grow our own food. Grow vegetables and fruit. Raise chickens. Raise up fish in pools or man made ponds.

Grow enough to feed your family and elderly. And the homeless people too. Not everyone wants to be homeless.

If I had means to doing so i would have a church or building that had enough land around it to preach GOD’S word, grow food and have shelter for the homeless who wanted it.

Unify the community by helping each other first. Then we can help others in different countries.

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