Talking to the FATHER.

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

My mornings start off with peaceful thank you yo our beloved FATHER GOD. I do thank HIM for all of the blessings HE has given me and all of my loved ones.

GOD will give many blessings to each person if you think about it. You are able to read. You have the breath of life in you. You have a computer or phone that has power by electricity of some sort to operate.

You have eyes to read and to do other things for yourself or others. You, too, are able to count your blessings that you have.

I start off my mornings first this way. And then giving GOD praise, too. GOD is in control, and I depend on HIM for all things. So this is what I do each morning.

1. Giving thanks.

2. Giving praise to GOD.

5. Pray for those who are not saved. Who have not yet repented.

3. Read my Bible.

4. Pray for all of my family and friends.

6. Pray for all of my enemies. Some people  do not like Christians and people of color. That hate is what is going to keep them from salvation.

7. Work on spreading the Gospel on social networks.

8. And thank GOD for JESUS as my savior!

This all makes my day go smoothly.

Peace and blessings!

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