To my beloved FATHER GOD on Father’s Day!

Like a small child depending on a earthy Dad, we should depend on our heavenly FATHER GOD to lead us right!

Hello all,

It is another day that the LORD GOD has made! Praise our beloved FATHER GOD now and for all of eternity long! For we serve a mighty GOD!

GOD is good, perfect, loving, wise, patient, loving and the one and only honest judge there is. Never tiring, always righteous, generous, forgiving and always present.

Our beloved FATHER GOD has always been with me from the very moment of conception in my Mother’s womb and even now and beyond. My beloved FATHER GOD has always kept me safe and sound, well fed and clothed. And to show that I am loved by HIM when I call on HIM for help.

There is so much comfort in just even knowing that GOD THE FATHER has watched over me, and knows when I am in pain and will heal me…and let me be able to press on in the day. I trust in our beloved FATHER GOD at all times, for HE is the perfect FATHER above all Fathers! No earthly Dad could ever match up to our beloved FATHER GOD. Ever.

Our FATHER GOD will provide, guide and shield us from every storm. It is HIM that I trust in at all times in my life. For the older I get, the more I learn and understand and want and need to be closer to our beloved GOD!

For GOD the FATHER has shown just how much HE does love mankind by sending HIS son JESUS as a way back home to HIM when our time is done here on this earth. This is a perfect love from a perfect being who loves us so.

We need to honor FATHER GOD even before our earthly Dads for GOD was and is first no matter how we look at things for life began with GOD the creator.

If we who were blessed with an earthly Dad to grow up with in the house that was a good provider who loved you and let you know it be thankful. Respect him and honor him. There are many who may have grown up with no earthly Dad in the home at all. The Mother was the provider and had to do both the job of the Mother and Dad. So all they may know is FATHER GOD for a Father.

But I will say that to all that did not know their real Dad, who he was, or if their Dad left the home thru divorce, death or whatever. Know that you do have a Father! You are loved by an awesome wonderful loving FATHER GOD who will never leave you.

This is always goo to know! Give honor to the one and only most high true and living GOD!

Please click on the like button below, and share this message with others so they may get a blessing too! We all need comfort in knowing that our beloved GOD is always with us. Amen?

Peace and blessings !

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