To the best FATHER of all, a blessed FATHERS DAY!

Hello all!

Today is FATHERS’S Day! And I am so blessed to have the best, and greatest FATHER of all! Our beloved FATHER GOD who reigns over all heaven and earth now and for all of eternity long!

Our FATHER GOD is the one and only perfect FATHER, who loves, protects, nourishes, comforts, gives us what we need and love at all times. Our FATHER GOD is awesome, and perfectly good!

There is nothing here on earth we can make to give to HIM, for HE created all creation heaven and earth! But we can give our heavenly FATHER GOD praise, respect, honor, to obey, trust, believe and to love our GOD with all of our hearts!

No one else can do this but us, you and me. GOD the FATHER is our creator, who sits on HIS heavenly throne and is waiting for us to return home to HIM through the acceptance of HIS son JESUS!

FATHER GOD is so perfect and patient with us mankind. Those people who so evil and seem to get away with it are given a chance to repent just like the rest of us. So you see he is patient.

Those who have rejected all the is good, our FATHER and JESUS may still be walking the face of the earth, but GOD knows the hearts of all people. And gives us all of the chances we need to repent to be right with HIM so we can come home to be with HIM.

GOD loves us so much that HE sent HIS son JESUS to show this, just ho much HE loves us mankind. We need to see it for our selves and listen to GOD. Accept JESUS as savior if you have not yet done so. Take the gift of love from the FATHER GOD. And give our FATHER GOD your gift too of love and obedience to HIM!

1 Corinthians 8:6

“But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.”

King James Version (KJV)

Give thanks , honor and glory to GOD the FATHER of all fathers here on earth first and foremost. For without the creator your Dad would not be and nor your Mother. GOD created them both.

I ask you all today to tell our FATHER GOD how much you love HIM and are grateful to know just how much that HE loves you at all times. And HE does. All you need to do if you have not done so as of yet, get to know GOD and HIS son JESUS and be saved from this nonsense of the world and sin.

Please click on the like button, share with others the good news of the LORD GOD and HIS son JESUS for salvation and peace! Praise GOD almighty now and for all of eternity long! AMEN!!!



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