Matthew 7:1 – 7:5 Judge not

Hello all, I pray that you all will have a blessed day!

Lately I have seen the LORDS house and HIS people so disrespected. And not only by those who are not believers but those who head off to Church every Sunday. I have seen things going on in Church that for those who are new in the faith would be so discourage and turn away from our GOD. And to have them say “See I knew these Christians were like that”.

I want to address this post to all of the new brothers and sisters of faith who have seen the false Christians acting prideful and “holier than thou” When we go about not being careful, we can be discouraging .

I have come across those who feel this way even towards those who have been going to Church since a child who were visiting another Church was treating the visitor as though they needed to be saved. Only because they were prejudging and was told because they didn’t see the Baptism and don’t know them. But we can also say, we don’t know if they are saved either by their own standards.

We all need to be encouraged. And to hear the word and read the word so that these distractions are not weighing us down. For as soon as we take our eyes off of the LORD…trouble is waiting to see us fail. It is a sin to distract and discourage our brothers and sisters in the LORD!

For unless we have the same wisdom as our LORD GOD regarding our brothers and sisters true heart and what they are going through…..we should never say something that will discourage them taking their eyes off of our GOD. We need the LORD at all times.

The sin of Discouraging our brethren by George Wagner . I have read this and I do agree with some issues that he had mentioned.

If something is done or said too you, remember GOD loves you. So if what is said or done that hurts you it was not from GOD. And as a Christian, we can be doing this as well as those who are not. Be it knowingly or not regardless of the intention. Let us all pray that the words and actions that we all do are right with GOD from this moment on.

Have a blessed Sunday. I usually post earlier, but family situations happen and GOD knows what needs to be done.

Feel free to share this post and the scripture too!


2 thoughts on “Matthew 7:1 – 7:5 Judge not

  1. You are right, JJ, may we encourage people, especially newcomers more in JESUS CHRIST. Also, may we never be distracted of what people will say. We will always remember what JESUS said that “blessed are the persecuted for righteousness sake” (Matthew 5:10).

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