Be thankful we are in the time of GRACE!

Happy thanks giving to you all!

Being thankful for all that our FATHER GOD has done and the perfect gift for all mankind is HIS grace through JESUS!

Being thankful that through JESUS I am going to heaven to dwell with HIM and to see GOD’s face when it is time.

Being thankful to know that I have a real true living GOD that loves me so, he sent HIS son here on earth to show it.

Thank you FATHER GOD for JESUS and all you have done to save the souls of all mankind through JESUS!

Thank you for all of your protection, love, guidance and your presence with me at all times!

Praise and glory be to GOD!

I do hope that all who have not accepted JESUS as the gift of life will, and not to have any doubt that when you let JESUS into your heart. Have no regrets when you reject and repent from the sin that you are in.

For to be turned away at the gate of heaven by JESUS will not be good. Have no regrets to turn to follow JESUS! We are in the time of grace, GOD did not have to send HIS son to earth. HE could have destroyed us all.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, let GOD know how thankful that you are for all HE has done for you through HIS son JESUS! AMEN!!!!


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