Romans 3:23 kjv “For we all have sinned….

Good day everyone!

Praise and bless our FATHER GOD for yet another day of life to live. For those who do not know our FATHER GOD and have not accepted JESUS as savior has another day to do so right now!

I am so happy that you all have taken the time to stop by and to share my love for GOD and HIS beloved son JESUS!

The love for GOD and HIS son is never ending. For when it is time to be called home to glory, to stand before JESUS and be allowed into heaven will be glorious and so comforting to know you are allowed into eternal love and peace.

All we have to do is to know that we all are living in the period of grace and understanding that JESUS was sent by the Holy FATHER GOD to set an an example of being GODLY.

For our FATHER GOD has sent HIS son as a representation of HIM walking the earth to save us “hard headed humans” from the weakness of the flesh. Sending a perfect teacher and leader to GOD.

GOD”S grace is immeasurable. He does want us all to come to HIM. Temptation is awful, we all have sinned and have fallen short of being righteous since Adam and eve. This is why we can not make it on this side of Heaven without Christ JESUS. For JESUS did say ….

Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

King James Version (KJV)

The men of the Bible had the same issues we have today. Read the Bible for encouragement. Listen to this sermon by Pastor Carter Conlon.

Sometimes I wonder why people have turned away from what will be the happiest time of their lives this side of Heaven. I see that those who do not know or love GOD never truly happy with their lives and will always chase after the ways of the world. The world has produced many venues of fake happiness for people to fall into.

Fake happiness that is coming from lies and temptation that comes from the evil one. He will tell all people just try it once, and if you don’t find happiness with that particular temptation he will try another one or tell you to do it again until you get happiness. Like drug addiction or any other kind of addiction.

The mercy of our GOD is so perfect and unconditionally loving. He will give us chances to change until our last breath. If we sincerely, from the heart then see what we have done is wrong and sincerely accept JESUS as our savoir we will be saved!

Thank you for stopping by. Please do share this with others so that they too will get a blessing from the hearing of the word of GOD in this post! Pass it forward.

Peace and blessings be to you!

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