The Tribe of JESUS!

The Tribe of Jesus 11-11-18


When I think about how abundant the love of JESUS is I think of a garden with fruit or veggies growing so abundantly like this old apple tree in the picture. I hope that now each time you see and apple, or apple tree , the word apple anywhere, or even an apple pie you will remember our JESUS. What JESUS had done for our salvation!

See, we who have accepted JESUS as our savior now will live an abundant life with Him when it is our time to leave this world. We belong to Him and His holy tribe. The tribe of JESUS!

It is a feeling that when you meet up with others who will instantly connect with you even though you have never met before. You will feel like you are in the same tribe and family. You feel you have a holy family bond with them that true faithful believers can only have with one another.


As part of the tribe, you need to be around those who aim to please the LORD in all that they do in life. Putting GOD 1st is very important to all of us who need and want to love of GOD all around us with His beloved son JESUS too. All wih the same like of mind and heart.

The tribe will encourage you, give you the fuel of the Christian bond that you will need from them and what they will need from you as well. This is why reading the word will tell you to not socialize with those who are not equally yoked with you. They are not of our tribe.

Welcome the idea of how loving and wonderful FATHER GOD, the head of the tribe will be when we all meet up in heaven and have a seat at the best. holy, loving party ever for doing a job well done in life here on earth.

Have a blessed day, stay in prayer, take a deep breath and realize that our GOD is with us. JESUS is with us, and they both are waiting for all of us who love HIM and aim to do a job well done to get into heaven. Be grateful to be in the tribe of JESUS!

May you have a blessed day, thank you for reading this blog and sharing it as well! Pass the blessing forward!





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