Praising GOD with my inner heart.

peaceful thought with GOD 2018

I just want to give thanks and praise GOD today! For HIS blessings are mighty! I want to share my praise and joy with you all!

Verses in giving thanks to GOD.

1 Thessalonians 5:18


“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


Praising GOD without saying it out loud at all times or anytime. Walking down the street with a smile that you didn’t know you had, until someone will say you are always smiling! Peaceful thoughts with the FATHER, and with His son JESUS at any time and at all times you may want. No one has to know what you are doing if you dont want to eighter! It is your free time with the LORD.

Many times in my life I have done this and still do, because of the love and trust I do have for GOD the Father and His beloved son. I will praise GOD walking. Or sitting outside at lunch time when the sun is out. Making all of the land bright and beautiful!  I know GOD created all of the earth and the beauty in it.

Lunch time outside enjoying the weather when it is over with the snow and cold weather is awesome, and healing! I am grateful for the wonderful change.

Outside you will see the wonderful colors of life coming up through the ground to meet the suns warming rays. If you are a gardener you plant seeds. You see the seeds that you have held in your hand to plant into your garden grow into vegetable to eat or beautiful flowers to admire it beauty. Just a blessing to be able to enjoy what GOD has given you.

There are many people of all ages out there in the world that need help with getting up out of the bed to do just that. So if we can, help them with a Jesus heart when we can. Take your elders out to enjoy the earth and see the new life that has come up from sleeping in the ground. They will give you joy when you see them happy enjoying being outside and with your company!

Where I live right now, the warmer weather seems to go fast and the winter last longer. Yes but this is however the Lord GOD sees fit for all over the world.

And I want to praise  GOD for what HE has done for me. Allowing me to grow plants to eat and enjoy them when He sees fit to grow them. Meet up with people I have not seen since last year about this time when it got warm. Just to be able to sit back and smile in the sunshine and to thank GOD for it.

Having my special time with GOD. My solitude with GOD and his son. When ever I need to they are there with me 24/7. They my best friends who love me more than anyone else ever can in this world. Even though I have the best Mom, family, husband and few close friends in the world. They are human and can only give a human Godly love the best they can. But a love coming directly from the FATHER GOD is supreme because it is a perfect, unconditional GODLY love!

This is what gives me such peaceful thoughts, knowing that I will be in heaven with GOD , His son Jesus and all of the saints that are there right now and see them all face to face.

I pray for you all to have the same peaceful thoughts I do if not better! For it is just so awesome when you have this wonderful communication with the HOLY SPIRIT!

May you all have a blessed, safe, enjoyable Sunday and holiday! Stay in prayer with your loved ones and hug them all.



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