The best love ever!



my rock saying Jesus Loves You

“Jesus loves you”

There are times when you can be distracted from knowing just how much our dear beloved Jesus does love us. You maybe heading off to work and in a lot of traffic that is stressful, could be in the supermarket trying to pick up a few things and there are only 2 open registers  and 40 people wanting to hurry and get home.

Could be in school and stressed over a major test you will need to pass to get a good grade…..trying to impress your new in-laws on first meal you are cooking for them. What ever it maybe, we can not forget just how much GOD and His beloved son does love us!

There are times when we can get caught up into, and distracted from the truth of GOD and His son who came to earth to do GODS will. All that Jesus went through as a man here on earth from being lied on, disrespected, over looked, being beaten and even those who tried to take Jesus’s life. Jesus understands all that we go through who follow Him.

It is not good what we go through, but we are not left alone because of the love that comes from Jesus! We are in the flesh right now can not fully and completely get the whole picture of just how much GOD loves mankind. His love is so perfect, loving and needed by us all so we can  live happy and peaceful lives here on earth.

I have mentioned Ravi Zacharias before, and he seems to be on the same agreement as I am I am. I have not met Mr Ravi Zacharias yet, but one day maybe I will.



Many people who do not give GOD the respect or belief in Him may be going through things in life they need not to because they are seeking love in all of the wrong ways. This love GOD gives us can not be compared to His unconditional love by no means, and at anytime ever.

Because GODs love is totally and perfectly right. With the combination of GOD’s love with His sons love we are all set and have confidence and peace no matter where we are and what we do with prayer!

I need to share this with you. I have had concerns about some tests I needed to pass and studied for them. I asked GOD to show me what to study, help me to remember what I am studying, let me take the right notes, and gain wisdom. I did pass and was told good things as well as to how well I was doing.

GOD hears our  prayers and will answer us, but we need to listen so we can do as GOD is telling us to complete the prayers. Once we love and trust GOD and His son Jesus we are on the right track.



When I keep my mind on the LORD GOD I feel comfort. Prayer is awesome because we are talking to GOD and learning and gaining faith and discernment with this communication. Unbelievers will always wonder how you do things, like it is someone you know in a secular way of thinking. They want to know who it is. When you tell them your help comes from the LORD they wont believe you. They will still ask.

Verses on GODS love are at this link:

John 3:16

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Remember this verse, for this will tell you just how much GOD does love all mankind. Not just a selected few that some mankind feels is right by the ways of the world. We all need to be saved!

Listen to what GOD tells you, and not mankind tells you . You will know that you are loved and feel it, it will give you confidence in yourself,  freeing any ties to self destruction, letting go of jealousy and hate towards others, as you cling to Jesus and the word of GOD.

May this encourage you to seek after GOD and be saved knowing His son Jesus is your savior and the key to heaven. Be blessed for reading this blog and sharing it with others.






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