No regrets!

No regrets 2018

When you are a child of GOD and love GOD and His son Jesus, guess what? This is that hate for GOD and Jesus secular souls have, that hate you as well because you have GOD and Jesus in you.

This is a good thing because GOD is over you protecting you ever so lovingly and no thing or person or weapon of destruction will harm you. You have the all-knowing and powerful GOD in heaven with His beloved son on your side. So it is always right to follow GOD and trust GOD. GOD always wins. ALWAYS.

You will find in your life of faith that there are many who will test you because of the life that they choose to live and feel you are too good to be true. But this is a sign to you to beware of them and stay in prayer at all times. For they seek to bring you down in front of others because of the person they are. They choose they path of life they wanted to go by and are envious of you for having the strength not to do the same!

Gods way or mans way 2018

They love the sinful life and all that goes with it. They live for the flesh and the laws of “man’s way”. Not for GOD’s way. For some reason they feel they are not able to do what they want to do under the laws of our GOD. GOD’s laws are a guidance to show us how to live in peace so we would not have to suffer doing things we should not and never being happy. Feeling that thy will be constricted, held back some how.

Not true. For an example. There are people out there that were told to take crack cocaine and it will make them happy. Well you see how it has affected many with that lie. You look at them in their misery that was caused by that deception.

Many are able to turn away from it and never turn back to that addiction and the lies that brought them into it with great effort! Many were not successful at it and have died from that horrible addiction of cocaine or any other drug be it legal from a well intended doctor trying to help heal a person. Sin is based on a lie from the devil, tempting all people to do harm to themselves or others. Once they turn to GOD and His son Jesus for help, many are saved and find true everlasting peace and love. Unlike the lie they were told that would give them the same!

As a teenager, I was approached by other teenagers about trying things that I had no desire to try.  Saying to me that I was denying myself. I would find peace and joy if I smoked pot. I knew all well  and good that was a lie. It didn’t even sound right. Because I had faith then, and what these peers (peer pressure people) where saying just even felt wrong.

I said no.

They said “Why? You are denying yourself! ”

I said “What would be the point? You smoke that. You are not happy. I see what you go through here in school. You do all the things I would not do and seem to get your self in trouble with the teachers because of it. If you think I want to end up like that you are totally wrong.” I walked away.

The other guy that was with him said…”I told you she wasn’t like that.”

Just because a guy is cute , doesn’t mean he is right and you have to do anything to please him. Goes the same for you guys too, if a girl is trying to tempt you to do wrong, leave her alone so you will have no regrets. Here is a link to some encouragement starting with ….

1 John 1:9

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

The link:


See this temptation stuff is something that has been going on for centuries ago and will continue until Jesus returns to bring all who love him right into heaven with him. See there are those who feel that what Christians are doing is a waste of time as we stride to do what is right for GOD. We will have no regrets when our day is done.

What about those who don’t care and live by man’s way? If they don’t do GOD’s way then when their day is done, they will have regrets when our beloved Jesus is standing at the gate of heaven and will not let them in. They can’t say, “Oh I though those Christians were lying! I am sorry I believe them now! Please, may I come into heaven now?” They will regret not changing and leave the ways of man to follow the ways of GOD. No turning then for it is too late. For at least if we Christians are wrong, and I know we are not by the way we would have no regrets because we did good. And because we are striding to do the will of GOD we will hear JESUS say “Job well done”.


Matthew 25:21

21His LORD said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy LORD.


How many of you want to hear this? I know I do, because I do love GOD and His son Jesus with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength now forever and for all of eternity long. I seek to have an abundance amount of peace and love there as it is written in Psalm 37.

I happen to listen to Ravi Zacharias, he is a pastor. One of many who are good speakers of faith. He has some good points on his pod casts. You will learn how to answer some people when they ask you about why you are into faith. Not saying he is the only pastor that can do this, but I am mentioning Mr. Zacharias for right now.




I listen to many pastors , but he is an apologist speaker who travels around the world to lead people to Jesus.

See on YouTube. “” You may have to click on the word YouTube in the task bar above to see it.

Let those who seek to guide you into their bad habit and ways to do their thing. They are after what is right, they seek fleshly desire fulfilment. They are not thinking about being in heaven with GOD and His beloved son Jesus. YOu know it is like they have blinders on their eyes or just walking around in the darkness. They roll their eyes at you when you aim to tell a truth as if you are lying to them about anything let alone Jesus. Sad too. They don’t see the lie that was told to them by satan is giving them grief. These people will have regrets I they do not change the path they are on to GOD’s path.

Matthew 25:21 KJV

21: His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.


The right gate 2018


I pray that we all will have no regrets and will turn away from the sin we are in, that we all will take the small gate that is leading to heaven so we all can celebrate the coming home to Jesus as He says come on in. Welcome home! It is a hard to be good, but when you have your two best friends in all f the heavens and earth GOD the Father and his beloved son Jesus….they will help you get through!

Listen to the words of this song. Think about meeting Jesus at the gate of heaven and having so much peace and love there you can not measure it. All because we listened and followed God and His beloved son Jesus!

Thank you Father GOD for Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for all mankind!

See at YouTube-“” You may have to click on the word YouTube in the task bar to see this video,

May you all get a blessing from the reading of the this blog, and for the sharing of it to those you want to read it! Have a blessed Sunday! Praise GOD Almighty at all times , now and for all of eternity! Thank you Father GOD for your beloved son Jesus!!!


black jesus welcoming souls to heaven 2018



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