Stolen innocence.

I hate pornography 2018


It has stolen the innocence of many children on all levels for hundreds of years.

When I was in Middle School, this is when I first heard of boys looking at this sinful stuff called porn. Not knowing what they were doing ,besides making a lot of vulgar noises in the back of the class. Passing around what seemed like regular  3×5 inch photos. This may have went on for about a week or so. When the teacher came by the photos were put away.

They did get caught when the teacher caught them. But they only got caught when one of the girls blurted out what they were doing. I want to tell you this sin has stolen the innocence of many children. I hate porn.

I hate porn, it is useless garbage to the mind and body. Pure evil.

I hate porn! It is an addiction to many people , and this affects their social life in all aspects and relationships. No matter where they go, with whom they speak to. Those images that they see flood their minds with the negative stimulation they get or have gotten from looking at it.

We must guard children as best as we can from this disease of the mind. When , and as they get older in life it affects how they can relate to people every where they go.

If they are married they are cheating on their spouse or significant other. Lusting after the person or people they see on the screen or any other kind of media. You are putting another person between you and your mate. So now, you will not be able to relate to them on a GODLY level. Marriage is sacred and with your faith you will need to ask JESUS for help. Your spouse will not trust you and will feel you cheating on them even if you don’t touch anyone. Your mind went there where it should have never gone.

Say goodbye to your marriage or close relationship if you think you are handling it right. You are not.

Fight it, turn away from this addiction. It is on an equal level of a destructive addiction as any other drug. You can not do this on your own. JESUS can help you and will. For JESUS is wiser and stronger than you, and sees what you are going through right now.

Enjoying the unGodly  acts they may see in any form of media by watching or participating in it themselves. You will want to introduce this sin to your spouse thinking this will make your marriage better. No it will not, the fact that it is porn alone will let you know it is not how GOD intended a man and a woman to unite and bond together in marriage. Porn has unclean acts, gay acts in it, and more. It is not right by GOD.

Marriage is scared between a man and a woman. GOD gave us this so we could love each other fully and GODLY. Color has nothing to do with a man and a woman being married either to each other. It is still heterosexual act. Not a fetish as what a porn lover would assume. It a mere culture difference, and when the man and the woman love GOD together as a married couple it is right by GOD.

I read an article on this link that is not written in a religious way of thinking. Basically porn is a lie. Stealing innocence and aiming to make a lie the truth. The author made some good points to this sin. Kimberly, Old Fashioned Girl Blog .

I hate pornography 2018 2

With these images stained in their minds, they will not be able to turn it off and will constantly be thinking about the porn. Once they see a person to whom they think is attractive….they will get flash backs .

We all know people who are addicted to this sin from school, work or those at home. Some of you reading this may be addicted to this sin and feel that there is no help for you. But there is.

Matthew 6:22-23

22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

23  But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great [is] that darkness


Even if you were introduced to this at the age of a middle school child like the boys in my class back then. Or before that age, younger. You don’t have to keep doing this. You will never be happy and satisfied by living like this, because it is like any other addition. Be it drugs, food, smoking or video games.

See, the innocence that is lost from the temptation of this sin will never come back to you. It is gone forever like stolen virginity. Mind rape though. Children that are introduced to this, have been violated. I do feel that people who think this is okay to let their children see these things because they feel they will wind up seeing it anyway should think twice. You are putting your child through things they do not need to go through, and addiction that will keep them confused.

I hate pornography 2018 3

It is not true that all men read do watch/read porn as according to The Dating Divas . I know if some who have and some who do not. Just like with any addiction people may have in this world, not all are addicted to smoking a cigarette. Some just don’t, don’t want and don’t need to. This article is not open-minded enough to understand this. But it did feel it was an interesting opinion.

This is a sin that affects everyone. If you stay in your house alone somehow this garbage could reach you from just watching tv, or your phone, or laptop! It is very destructive to the morals of mankind.

Christians against porn. “Why Christians Should Take a Stand against pornography” . I found this very interesting to read.


But to get the best read there is , read the word to keep your mind on the LORD for he is your strength. You will find that reading the word, holding on to HIM and needing HIS power will pull you up and away from that sin.

Here is some scripture to read to help you at this site, click on the link. King James Bible on-line is one of my favorite sites to go with my KJV Bible.

I hope this helps. Be mad at the devil for lying to you and get on the right path with GOD. You reading this is the next step to leaving the sin of porn alone. GOD may have led you here to help you. We all need GOD and HIS son JESUS. All mankind, not just some people. All people. GOD is good, loving and caring and want us all to be right with HIM at all times.

May all who read these posts be blessed and never stressed. and pass the new to others as well. Let the LORD in your heart and find pure joy and peace.





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