Have a blessed Easter!


For he has risen 2018

Good morning to all! I do pray that you all will have a blessed Easter Sunday! For this is the day that the LORD has made! I am so grateful to see another day that our GOD has made for us.

Today is the celebration of the sacrifice that our beloved Jesus has given on the cross to save our souls. Jesus is the only key to heavens gates. And this is so cool, for we know that he has paid the price for all of the sins we all have done in our lives. For not one human can ever go and say they have never sinned. Not one, so this s why we all need JESUS!

Romans 3:23

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;


Just think, we don’t have to do any works to get into heaven, no favors, nothing but faith and trust in GOD and JESUS! Trusting in the LORD for all of our needs 24/7. You can have peace knowing that GOD sent HIS only begotten son here to earth to suffer and die for all of us who do believe in Him.

Thank  you dear JESUS for saving my soul! Thank you for letting me know that in the end all of us who do have faith in you and believe in you will have everlasting peace. I just sit back and smile knowing so.

No more heart ache and pain, no more mean people who come about to do evil to other people at any given time, no more death, to be with the LORD GOD in HIS heaven with HIS beloved son JESUS!

Heaven is where all good dwells and there is absolutely no evil! Yes! No sin and people who love sin around you. No temptations and weaknesses of the flesh for we will be all spirit enjoying all that is good from GOD the Father and creator of all heaven and earth.


For this is what JESUS has done for us. To make a way for all who do love Him to get into heaven from all of the suffering He went through as a man here on earth! When you look at Mel Gibson’s movie “The Passion of the Christ ” it will show you as an example of what JESUS had gone through in His short years on this earth to save all of mankind on the cross. But I do want to make this point, whatever color skin you believe JESUS to be pay more attention to what was done to save our souls. Because the meaning and purpose of JESUS coming is most important. You can tell what color JESUS is when He returns for sure besides reading the scripture in the Bible, and studying the history and locations given in the Bible.

Just keep your faith in JESUS, and not the lies given by man to confuse those who do not study the word and turn away from it. This is what will trip you up and distract you from the real truth. Our souls need peace and to be with a loving GOD, HIS son JESUS and all of the angels in heaven!

There is no one that can do what our JESUS did as a man here on earth to save all of mankind. JESUS is without sin, pure, right by GOD. All of the pain and suffering we caused JESUS to go through on the cross. Because of our weaknesses of the flesh. All of it was paid for us 1,985 years ago in Judea from when JESUS died at 33 years old from what I understand. Golgotha “The place of the skull”. Matthew 27:33

One post by a Christian site called “Christians standing with Israel ” gave some information on the location of the crucifixion here at this link. Always when looking things up have your Bible with you. Everyone has their own interpretation of what they have learned and may not be 100% even with the best intentions. Including me.


So now knowing the tremendous things GOD has done with HIS son JESUS to save us because they love us so, why not listen to what they are saying and seek after them? Get your faith on and find peace. There is no sin that once you come to JESUS and leave that sin alone, love and follow JESUS…that you can not be forgiven. If you do not believe me, just ask JESUS.

Find a quiet place to yourself with absolutely no distractions and talk to JESUS. He will not lie. Ever.

May you all have a blessing from the reading of this word and sharing it with others.




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