Praying for your enemies.

pray for enemies 2017


I know this is hard when you love GOD. For the love of GOD and His son JESUS is within us. And for those who hate GOD and JESUS will hate us too. It is a sin to really hate anyone according to the word and the 7th commandment of GOD.

You will come across people who seem to direct themselves to you to make you angry with them as they do the works of the devil. And some you can “feel” the evil coming from them as they come close to your zone.

It is like you have been defiled. I have spoken to many of my friends and family and these people who seek out to do evil are new people performing an age-old sin really. Nothing new, but new to them. They all seem to operate the same old way.

Pray for those who abuse you.

This is very hard to do, and this is why we need JESUS! He came to earth to save all of us, not just some. Here is a link from GOOGLE link to John Piper at “Desiring”. See these enemies need to desire GOD to get the love and understand we have.


And this is what will allow you to be warned of the strategy  they will work out. They will watch you, see if there is anything they can use against you, if they think they have found it, they will play on it. Once they think they have hurt you they watch you to see the reaction. Coming back to the scene of the crime. Keep it going …. until the LORD will come in to stop it. Psalm 37:8 is quite clear about it too.

Psalm 37 : 8

Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.

King David had gone through things as a man of GOD. He loved GOD. And when I read what he had gone through in life it is no different from what you and I have gone through. And the Bible is very encouraging. I can not pick out just one thing from the life of King David because all of it was touching to me. Yes this is a man, but there is not difference when you go through the struggle. The struggle is so real.

I know there are many woman out there that work in an office where there are many women in it that are not following or seeking after the LORD. And these women will not like you as soon as you two eyes meet. You may know from discernment to watch out, but if you are not thinking of evil doings and your mind is on the LORD….you don’t have time or desire for this kind of nonsense.

But they do.

And will.

Have the LORD watch your back , stay in prayer. If  are trying to do your best at work, school, or even at church you will find an evil heart there as well. YES church too, wherever there are people.

Your enemies have been doing scheming for a long time, and are good at it because of habit. They seem to share the same motive or M.O. plans. Watch, plan, do the deed and return to the scene of the act of crime they had done. They have had this in them for years, maybe from a child. I say this because of in kindergarten I have seen it then too.

Pray for those who hate you!

Here is a GOOGLE link to writer Jamie Rohrbaugh post . This is the key here to pray to GOD so our enemies will be led to see the need of the LORD so they can be saved.

GOD does not want anyone to die and not be saved. He loves mankind so much HE did send HIS son here on earth to save all who seek and desire JESUS and HIS Father the one and only true living GOD.

John 3:16 KJV

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

King James Version (KJV)

Your enemies are not sent by GOD for they do evil. GOD does not want us to do evil to them too for GOD will deal with them in HIS own way.  I have seen it happen. HE will not leave us in their judgement. So if we do evil to hurt them back…..then we put ourselves in the same boat of judgement. You get through this, and get stronger.


Keep with your friends that are prayer warriors and seek after the LORD always s you do too. Keep them close. They that love the LORD will love you too, and you will know it to be sincere.

GOD is so very good. Very, Very , Very good is our GOD.

I thank you JESUS for being my savior of my very soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you JESUS for all you have done and still do!

Praise and glory be to GOD at all times now and forever and to and through all of eternity long! May a blessing be to you who have read this, and seek after the LORD.




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