1 Corinthians 13:4 Jealousy and envy

Uh-oh. There is that stink face of jealousy fuming at you! Guard yourself with the armour of GOD!

jealous women who hate confident women

There are times when you can even feel this look directed at you.

This is a look given to women every single day. And particularly from unhappy insecure women to those that are confident and happy. And there is not limited to the location as to where this sort of thing will happen. You see it done to others and I am sure it has happened to you women out there at some point in time in your lives.

The best thing to do around these women is to avoid them as much as possible. Never discuss your life and plans around them at anytime for they will “feed” on what you say to turn things against you to see you get hurt. If they feel you are compition…they will make sure that if you make a small error of any kind.  They will let the everyone that they know about it. If this is in the work place, it could mean they will do all that they can to see that you will get fired. Or close to it.

This is why you will always need to stay in prayer. Knowing that GOD is in control and will protect you from all of your enemies is very comforting. YOu will feel safe. You will watch your enemies crash and burn into the very ditch they were planning to push you into.

Verses about jealousy.


See those that are secular will see your light, hate you without even knowing you. Just seeing you for the first time in their lives. One glance and they hate you for the light of JESUS in you. I do not think they even know what they are doing. And with all of this in mind, read Psalm 37 in its entirety. You will see that the men of that day had their same issues to deal with as we do right now. Same old temptations and evil but with different people. Nothing is knew, just the people.

This starts with the very young as well too.

jealous women 2 2017

It is something that some people will grow out of and others will not. Even though you would think so, and if you are in an office. And you are a female, you will get that stink face aimed you.

This is why you can not have hate towards your enemies when you pray because you do want GOD to help you. And they hate you and GOD does not like hate. Pray for them and leave them alone and let GOD deal with them. Because he knows their heart and what to do with them to make them leave you alone in peace.

Be blessed and never stressed