Deep fried turkey

25 pounds of turkey frying!

This going to be a well made turkey that comes out to be juicy and well seasoned.

This is a turkey that is being deep fried to yumminess! It was done outside under careful observation, anticipation and hunger….it was well the wait. Our beloved boss at the place I once worked took the time to make us 2 deep fried turkeys! That is what I call a boss! He pays and feed you! That is who is frying the bird in the picture.

For my turkey, what I like to do is to let a fresh or defrosted turkey sit in the fridge over night in Seasoned salt of any brand but I prefer Lawrys seasoned salt. This is when I deep fry them. I use the traditional method when baking a turkey.

You have to have measured the amount of oil you need to use for your deep fryer. You can do so by putting your turkey in the deep fryer and cover it with oil before you do your marinating over night. (you will wash the marinate off if you do so after and will have to do the marinate again)

Cover enough of the turkey so it is just under the water making sure you do not over flow the pot. Leave a good 5 inches from the rim of the pot with the turkey and the water in it. Once you take the turkey out of the water, you measure how much water was left in the pot.

See Chef Fatback’s Deep fried video on you tube. I can almost smell the turkey

That water amount is the amount of peanut oil you will need to use for frying your turkey.

Using your devices instructions on heat controls , you can heat up your peanut oil. Peanut oil is used to control the amount of smoking that comes using other kinds of oil.

The oil should reach about 350 degrees before you add your turkey to fry it. Use a thermometer to test the heat.

Have a fire extinguisher near you, as you cook outside. I would use an electric turkey fryer in the house and still would have the fire extinguisher near by. Just to be safe and not sorry.

Going by the instructions on your model of fryer, you can have your turkey done in maybe 20-30 minutes for a 15 lb turkey.

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